MAGIX Sound Forge Pro

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Before you one of the most powerful audio editors from the company Sony which is famous for its professional products in the field of editing both video and audio. The composition of this package includes a large number of different utilities, they are all sharpened to work with sound, you can download the Sony Sound Forge below. By installing and then running the program, you can quite simply and most importantly professionally, process audio files of different formats, you can edit samples and simply record sound, of course not without a lot of built-in effects that you can apply to your tracks.

MAGIX Sound Forge Pro

MAGIX Sound Forge Pro review

Sony Sound Forge will also offer you a tool for encoding data; if you really need, you can quickly convert audio files between themselves into different formats and perform a large number of other operations. The developers themselves write that their products are often used by sound engineers and recording studios, but for some reason it seems to me that completely different products are used there, although I may be mistaken, I have never come across it is difficult to judge, but the fact that you have a powerful audio editor is true. Due to the fact that Sony Sound Forge has a fairly clear and user-friendly user interface, ordinary users who do not have extensive experience in this field can also work with the program.

In the latest versions of the program, the ability to edit audio based on events has become available; you can record Disc-at-Once discs; Sony Sound Forge has begun to support work with DirectX plug-ins. In addition to standard audio editing capabilities, you can also edit mono, stereo and multichannel audio files, the program includes over two dozen DirectX plug-ins, you can also conduct multichannel editing and file processing, and support for editing files in real time is available. All files can be added simply by transferring them to the main window of Sony Sound Forge, it is quite convenient. In general, the program has a huge number of functions, so simply in a small review you cannot tell everything, I think without me many have already come across this tool and know perfectly well what awaits them. Who decided to try the first time, do not worry if there are any problems, then you are waiting for comments, do not forget to unsubscribe there and express your opinions.

Key Features:

  • Redesigned interface for audio recording.
  • Matching volume level to CALM act.
  • New interface for working with plug-ins.
  • iZotope Nectar Elements plugin for vocal processing.
  • Tools for recovering and correcting audio from iZotope.
  • Options for displaying waveforms.
  • Improved support for advanced Wave format (BEXT BWF 2.0, iXML), as well as verification and automatic recovery of BWF data.

Recording and playback:

  • Multi-channel audio recording when using multichannel audio devices.
  • Automatic recording at a scheduled time.
  • ASIO driver support.
  • Optimization of performance.
  • Volume meter: Determine volume level.


  • Editing based on events.
  • Processing music instrument recording files.
  • Editing file metadata.
  • Setting different types of attenuation graphical curves.
  • Background rendering of several tasks.
  • Editing between drag and drop channels.
  • Supporting BWF format.
  • Setting up keyboard to call frequently used commands.
  • Real-time editing and processing.

Tools and effects:

  • Mastering tools package with 6 software modules: equalizer, reverberation (reflection), multi-band compressor, limiter, stereo panorama, harmonic exiter.
  • Integrated CD recording in Disc-at-Once mode.
  • Recovering audio by removing noise.
  • 64-bit sample rate conversion.
  • Resonance filter.
  • Cross attenuation and Wet/Dry Mix options for effects.
  • Audio phase control and mono-compatibility measurement.
  • Spectrum analysis.
  • Support for VST effects.
  • Batch conversion.
  • Over 40 built-in effects and processes.
  • Generator of white, pink and brown noise.
  • Acoustic Mirror module.

System Requirements

  • Windows 11, Windows 10
  • Processor: 1 GHz RAM: 512 MB
  • Graphics card: Onboard, min. resolution 1024 x 768
  • Sound card: Onboard Hard drive space
  • 500 MB for program installation

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