Mac FoneLab for iOS 10.1.26 MacOS [Full]

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Mac FoneLab for iOS 10.1.26 MacOS [Full]

Mac FoneLab for iOS

Mac FoneLab for iOS

If you accidentally delete important information (photos, videos, contacts, SMS) from your iPhone or iPad and you don’t have a backup, don’t panic. Restore your iPhone with the Mac FoneLab utility, which is available in the Mac version.

Mac FoneLab will save your data after accidental deletion, unsuccessful flashing or Jeilbreak, after a complete reset to the factory default settings if the iPhone does not boot (apple lights up), in blue screen, in recovery mode, etc.

Mac FoneLab is a reliable way to recover information from your iPhone and iPad when you don’t have a backup or don’t have the data you need.

What information can Mac FoneLab recover?

Any text information: messages (iMessages, WhatsApp), call history, notes, calendar entries, reminders, Safari bookmarks, etc.
Media: photos, videos, iMessages and WhatsApp attachments, voice memos, etc.
Application data: photos, videos, documents, books from Word, WhatsApp, Instagram, Flickr, iPhoto, iMovie, Kindle, etc.

How do I restore my iPhone?

Once your iPhone or iPad is connected to your Mac, FoneLab analyzes it and displays a list of files that can be recovered.
Please note that no backups are required. It works directly with your phone’s memory.
Next, just select everything you want to restore and save it to any folder on your computer. You can rewrite the recovered data to a new or repaired phone/tablet via iTunes or any suitable utility.

Extract data from your backup

The program can also extract data from iTunes backups. It’s very useful if something happened to your iPhone, you haven’t gotten a new one yet, and you need the information you need now.
If you don’t have backups on your Mac, you can restore the data from your copy to iCloud. It’s a great way to do this for people who don’t have their iPhone connected to their computer at all. In this case, just enter your iCloud account data and Mac FoneLab will extract all the necessary information from it.

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Requirements: 10.8 or later 64-bit

Mac FoneLab for iOS 10.1.26 MacOS – (48.1 Mb)

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