Legend of Solgard 2.22.1 APK [Mod]

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Legend of Solgard

Legend of Solgard

Legend of Solgard – cool RPG from King with beautiful graphics, tactical component and three in a row puzzle elements in gameplay. In this fantasy world is very serious situation. Started to open portals to other worlds, from which come different monsters. It’s as if there aren’t enough people in this class. Only a heroine named Embla can stop this expansion. Endowed with the power of the gods and received a gamer as his assistant, she gathers an army and begins to tighten the broken enemy. And players must be the most indispensable advisor and take part in battles in person.

Legend of Solgard – an interesting adventure role-playing game, where you have to defend an ancient kingdom, helping its inhabitants to resist mysterious monsters.

The game’s gameplay is divided into several hundreds of levels. The main objective in each location is to destroy all monsters, the high icy wall and their weapons. Once the wall is destroyed, you get cherished points, game currency and can move to a new, more challenging and interesting stage.

As for mechanics, it is quite unusual and combines “tetris” and logical arcades “3 in a row”. In this case, the characters will gather in the opposite corner of the playing field, but from this the essence does not change. Clicking on the main character makes to call a small army of soldiers. They must be placed on the location so that they serve as a shield and at the same time can cause damage to enemies. If you place the warriors in a vertical column, you will get a new character, stronger and more enduring, which at the end of the course will make the attack.

Through a certain number of locations, you will be able to fight with your boss. It is good that the gameplay is turn-based, but there is no time limit in the game. You can think through your next move and try to build a perfect defense. In general, the game turned out well, the graphics are bright, the gameplay is fascinating, and there are so many characters that you will not be able to open them quickly.


  • Test your skills against other heroes in the Battle Arena
  • Form guilds with other players and fight together to take down powerful Guild Bosses
  • Collect allies and treasure from Norse legend
  • Grow and power up your hero and army
  • Use Tactics and Strategy to guide an army of creatures
  • Develop your hero with godlike powers
  • Battle with fantasy creatures and bosses

How to Download and use the APK file to install Legend of Solgard

  1. Go to the security settings of the gadget.
  2. Check the box to enable the system to install mobile utilities from unknown sources.
  3. Download File from the link below
  4. Open the download folder in the File manager and find the distribution you are installing there.
  5. Next, run the installation procedure, and everything else the system will do automatically.


  • Lots of energy

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Legend of Solgard
Legend of Solgard
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Requirements: 4.0.3+

Legend of Solgard 2.22.1 APK [Mod] – (101.1 Mb)

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