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KLS Backup Professional Review

With this powerful program, any user will be able to create a backup copy of all information important to him on his computer, supported by the archiving function, it is natural. If you decide to get acquainted with the program closer, you should go to the full news, there you can download KLS Backup . The application can compress all the information you need in ZIP archives and then you can save it to any drive, also applies to network and FTP servers. The utility works quickly and correctly enough, of course, I made this conclusion without using development for the intended purpose, just on the official website so stated.
KLS Backup has a rather interesting task scheduler that can create copies of the necessary material at the right time, save it in the place chosen beforehand and so on, in general I think you will find out if you are really interested. The interface is pretty non-transparent, in general, in my opinion should not cause any problems. Once started, you need to create a new profile and in this process you should already specify all the necessary parameters.
KLS Backup is able to back up files not only from local but also from network drives, this also applies to Windows registry and FTP servers. It is pretty easy to back up all your important data and files, network drives, optical drives and so on. You will also get a firmware program that is responsible for writing the information you need to the drives. KLS Backup knows how to back up both open and locked files, the program can be run as a Windows system service, which gives it more rights. In general, you can back up your files in several modes, and those who are more interested will choose the one they need. Of course, KLS Backup keeps a log file, inside it you will get all the data on copying and so on, I think it is very useful.
This is an interesting program I wanted to introduce to you. I have nothing more to write about this tool, I tried to write all the advantages of KLS Backup as compactly as possible, if you know more or may have some disadvantages, we share valuable information with users as always. At this point I consider my review completed, I hope the program will be useful for you and have a nice day.

Key Features:

  • Backing up files from local and network drives, Windows registry and FTP servers.
  • Backing up important files and data to local, network, CD/DVD and FTP servers.
  • Built-in CD-R/CD-RW/DVD±RW/DVD±R/DVD-RAM disc recording software.
  • Back up open and locked files.
  • Starts as a Windows system service.
  • Extended possibilities to manage different versions of data.
  • Data synchronization functions on local, network, disk and FTP servers.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Supports standard ZIP, Zip64, 7-Zip and SQX compressor formats.
  • Several different backup modes.
  • Detailed log file and sending it by e-mail.
  • Integrated job scheduler.
  • Flexible recovery settings.
  • And much more…

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