Karaosoft KJ File Manager 3.6.14

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Karaosoft KJ File Manager

Karaosoft KJ File Manager review

KJ File Manager – the program will allow you to easily manage audio and video files in karaoke format, now you will be able to record MP3 ID tags and edit metadata information, do it all in batch mode.

To navigate through the folders on your PC, Windows gives you a built-in file manager. However, most users may not like this, especially when you need to manage some specific file types. This program can be used to process media files and organize them better than the standard design. Don’t look at the name, it’s not a normal file manager, and you shouldn’t use it instead of the standard Windows utility. This can only work with media files, and once you run it, you will quickly find that it is a bit different from what you probably expected to see. Before testing the features, make sure that you have the .NET Framework installed on your computer.

You can always download the latest version of KJ File Manager free of charge, the program comes with a key/crack inside the archive, so that you can register without paying any money and use all the features of the software without any restrictions on any criteria.

If we look at the appearance, we get a user-friendly interface that does not create problems with understanding. Most of the space is used to display the files you choose to add as well as related information such as name, disk space, artist, title, file type, title format, size and full path. All the necessary functions are stored and available from the top toolbar. To read the details, simply point your mouse over the buttons.

First of all, you need to add a few files to work, you can add a folder with all the subfolders, nobody forbids you to do that. Download parameters may ask how the header format will be displayed, whether to use the capital letters of the artist and the header, or check the archives if the files are compressed. After downloading, the files are put on a large empty list. Many parameters can be accessed from the context menu. Thus, ID3 tags and other related details can be changed without much effort with the help of special functions. In addition, files can be moved or exported using different header formatting settings. To simplify your work with files, KJ File Manager allows you to specify the column headings you want to display in the list, as well as to set the font size used to display the records. If you are trying to manage too many files, the built-in search engine will help you.

So, the application gives you a different kind of solution to the problem of file management, particularly for multimedia data. Downloading options allow you to configure the details and how they are displayed in the workspace, and editing options allow you to organize your music collection and fill in any missing details.


  • Rename and correct multiple files at the same time
  • Automatically corrects capital letters, underscores and extra space errors
  • Preview and playback files instantly
  • Exporting and converting to different naming formats
  • Simple conversion between Zip and Unzip formats.
  • Records MP3 ID tags (tags version 1 and 2.1, even for compressed MP3 + G files)
  • Powerful search/replace tool for fixing common errors in several files
  • Search filter for narrowing down visible tracks by specific artist, title, disk or keyword / phrase.
  • Search for duplicates to find duplicates of songs from the same artist or artist and disc manufacturer

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  1. Anna

    Seems to be a useless and stupid software

    1. Erin

      Not if you are a professional Karaoke Jockey, great for managing and renaming or proper formatting of titles for ones songbook… What did you think this software was for?