Grids for Instagram 8.0.2 + 8.0.2 MacOS

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Grids for Instagram

Grids for Instagram review

Grids for Instagram is one of the most adequate PC clients for working with social network. The program is as capable as the latest versions of the mobile application. You won’t even have to deal with the utility. As its mechanism of work is similar to the principles of the mobile version of the program. You can look at a tape of friends, visit a category “Popular”, scroll through photos in section “Favorites”, edit or simply look through the profile, find out who left likes or comments under the photos. There’s also an option for “photos nearby”.
The only nuance of Grids for Instagram is the inability to upload new photos to your profile. This is contrary to the algorithm of the social network itself, which positions itself exactly as a “mobile platform”. Otherwise, you are not restricted in your actions. You can not only view likes on the photo, but also put them yourself, comment on someone else’s profile, subscribe or unsubscribe to someone. You can delete photos, comments, remove likes.

This is the only Instagram for a computer where the full-screen mode works adequately. Photos do not “disperse” and their quality does not deteriorate. The entire interface of the social network is adequately displayed in full screen mode. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the software, you can always visit the settings section – there you can make several adjustments. The individual token of the application is the “Bookmarks” section. You will not see this even in the official social network program. You can drop either user profiles or photos of users that you need to save here.

In the future, you can export your photos to your computer in their original quality without additional screenshots. In the usual browser version of the software, the screenshots are not displayed correctly – their quality is strongly affected by screen resolution. This does not happen here. The program automatically adapts to your screen. In this case the pictures are not enlarged – they remain in their original size, so that no loss of quality occurs. Adjusting the appearance consists in changing the background, editing the size in which the images will be displayed. There are ready-made schemes of appearance. Grids for Instagram download Mac OS hardly anyone decides because of the design, but here he really paid a lot of attention. You can search for people by the nickname indicated in the hashtag, the city. You can watch videos uploaded to the social network. You can download Grids for Instagram from the link below for free and without registration.

Whats new:

  • Fixed uploading long video issue

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Password for archiv:

Requirements: Win 7/8.1/10/11

Download Grids for Instagram 8.0.2 – (95,5 Mb)

UsersDrive upload-4ever

Requirements: macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit

Download Grids for Instagram 8.0.2 macOS – (46.8 Mb)

UsersDrive upload-4ever

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