GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 27.2.1 Build 5030 + MacOS

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ArchiCAD  is a software product for builders, architects and designers. The program provides the possibility of accurate 2D and 3D design of buildings, communications and other structures. It is used not only in construction, but also in landscape design.



The principle of the program is very simple – a young architect creates a virtual project of a house or any building with all the details, and then extracts from it the technical documentation for the construction in real life. The program allows you to calculate all the details and values with high accuracy to build a building or communications without a single error.

To understand the basics of design in ArchiCAD will require skills and time. This direction is quite promising and well paid by contractors. The interface has a multilingual localization and all the necessary tools for high-quality execution of a technical task.

When designing in ArchiCAD, the structure of your project will be created (in the side menu). This feature allows you to quickly navigate through certain parts of the structure, change values or create new objects.

The list of benefits and features of ArchiCAD:

  • Designing with high precision;
  • Creating accompanying technical documentation;
  • Work in 2D and 3D space;
  • Used in landscape design;
  • Allows you to design houses, communications, landscape, furniture, etc.;
  • There are all basic and advanced tools for comfortable work;
  • There is a multifunctional tool “MORF” for free design;
  • Multilanguage interface;
  • Automatic creation of project structure.

Many design programs cost fabulous money, ArchiCAD is no exception. To get the full version of the application, we recommend downloading ArchiCAD torrent from our website. Just below, you can download the main image of the application, as well as updates to the current version.


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Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

Requirements: Win 7/8.1/10/11

Download GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 27.2.1 Build 5030 – (4,5 Gb)

UsersDrive Uploadrar

Requirements: OS X 10.15 or later 64-bit

Download GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 26 Build 3001 macOS  – (3 Gb)

UsersDrive Uploadrar   Magnet link

Previous version

GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 23 Build 4006  IntoUpload

GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 22 Build 6021  Torrent

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  1. Kosta

    do you have Archi in German or just crack for Archi 23.


    1. KoLomPC author

      this is multilingual version

      1. Bob

        Hi, what does “multilingual version” mean? Is it possible to switch from English to another language? How can I proceed? Thanks a lot!

      2. Marbob

        Hi, what does “multilingual version” mean? Is it possible to switch from English to another language? How can I proceed? Thanks a lot!

        1. Lelopes

          No guys, you can not. You can use the crack with Archicad for your own region when downloading directly from graphisoft. But you can not change archicads language and region cause each one is directed to a different market with different options, libraries, objects, etc.

      3. Antoine


        archicad works perfectly with the English version.
        I then tested the crack with the French version (Archicad-26-FRA-3001-1.0) downloadable from the website.

        the program closes when a new project is opened.

        Is there a solution please?

  2. Lelopes

    Awesome update. Does anyone know if there is a crack to use the new redshif render with it?

  3. selahattin

    Hello, Do you please upload Archicad 25 Build 4013 for Mac ?

  4. JA

    Hi. Need a 4013 for MacOS.

    1. Jhon

      me too

  5. bob

    Hi, I downloaded Archicad 25 for MacOS, but there is only one file in it, “archicad INT.dmg”. How can I patch this file? When I open it, I have a window where I’m supposed to slide the archicad Installer to the package, but it doesn’t work. I installed it without patching, but a serial key is needed to continue.
    Could you help me please?
    Thanks very much!

    1. Steve

      Hi, I managed to install v25 for MacOS. Had to press the Ctrl+clic on the patch to install with permission.

      At the end it installed well, but when I try the program, it only allows the use of a demo version, not allowing to save any files you do in it.

      Any solutions?


  6. Pat

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for sharing Archicad 25 for MacOS!

    I’ve tried to install Archicad installer
    + Archicad-25-INT-Update-3011-1.2″
    + Archicad INT [K].pkg
    But like some user here, When I lauch archicad they ask me to sign in with a Graphisoft ID or start in Demo mode.

    I’ve read all post, but I don’t find the crack files to delete or move such as “curl.exe” and “GSReport.exe” (not CSReport)

    Am I missing something?
    Any help please?

    Thank you!

  7. Lelopes

    That was REALLY FAST! Lol
    Come on, it is graphisoft itself that is realesing this Jack Sparrow Version. lol. There is no other way to it be so fast.??

  8. Lelopes

    Is there anyway to use the Library Part Maker and the Param-o tool without SSA subscription check?

  9. CaioC

    Any news about the new Build 3010 ? Thanks

  10. Schrenno

    Has anybody tested the medicine with ArchiCad 26 INT 4024 Public Preview? Is it running?

  11. treecolor

    hi, i would like to ask for an free version of ArchiCad 26 mac silicon? Graphisoft has done a separat version for M1 and M2 chip

    1. samurai410

      did you try this archicad 26 build 3001 with macOS Ventura on m1 chip. I can use it with Mac OS Monterey now but afraid to upgrade to Ventura

  12. karloz

    where i can put the “file LibraryPartMaker” from AC26.3001.mac.dmg ? no indications on “readme.txt about where is the destination of this file

  13. Vinicio

    cual es la contraseña para “PcWonderland.com_GRAPHISOFT_ArchiCAD_26_macOS”

  14. CaioC

    Achicad 27?

  15. sn

    27 ???

  16. Hadi

    Please also add version 27. This version has been published for some time.

  17. Silvia

    Thank you very much. It works!

  18. dbc

    Any chance for Archicad 27 for Mac?

  19. John

    Hi There,
    Graphisoft has already released the update version 27.1.0
    Does the current crack work with the update/s as well?


  20. John

    PS. Unfortunately, the crack doesn’t work with the least update 27.1.0.
    The ‘crack’ needs to be updated, as well.

  21. CaioC

    UPDATE 4030?

  22. CaioC

    4030! Thank You very much!!