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Folder Size Professional

Folder Size Professional

Here is a free program that can analyze hard drives to display the size of files and folders on them, so you can easily allocate disk space, in the full news can download Folder Size . Once the scan is complete, you will get the size of each folder and file, and you will be able to view the data as a percentage of the total space occupied. The created report can be easily sorted by different parameters, you can identify the largest folders and files on your hard drive.
In addition to simple scanning, Folder Size can also scan all subfolders and display their size separately, or you can view them all together to see how you feel. Pay attention to this point, the developers said that their program has a fairly optimized algorithm for work, thanks to which, the scan is fast enough, you can check it yourself, I will not argue. I would like to note that you will also be able to scan a specific folder, just specify which one and wait for the process to complete. It is worth noting that the user interface is quite simple, I think you will not have any problems with it, because it is not difficult to specify a hard drive letter or a specific folder to scan, and the result will be understandable without translation.
Folder Size is able to display the size of folders in different charts, for example, in a pie chart, histogram and so on. You can scan folders simply by dragging it to the main window of the program, it is quite convenient, you do not need to specify the folders you need each time through the main window. There is also a command line option in Folder Size, you can customize the format of the displayed size, it can be in bytes or gigabytes, all found folders or files can be accessed immediately. The program can work with all types of information storage, whether it is a USI drive or just a CD drive. Especially I have nothing more to write about this tool, I think it can be useful in some cases, and for a free program seems to do well with the set goals, I hope you also need, besides there is a portable version, does not require installation and does not leave traces in the system.

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Folder Size Professional

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