FilePane 1.10.5 MacOS [Full]

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FilePane is a lightweight, versatile multi-tool for quick file management. It provides quick access to a variety of tasks like resizing of images, setting the Desktop picture, showing file size, copying a file’s path to the clipboard, converting text documents to PDF, moving and sharing files, images, and text via AirDrop, Twitter/Facebook, etc. By default, App is triggered on drag-and-drop, but you can change this to a hotkey in preferences.


  • Just start dragging file(s), text, or image(s) across the screen to see the FilePane “drop” panel. Now drop the item(s) on it.
  • The app detects the file type and shows quick actions associated with the item(s) you’ve just dropped.
  • App is not bound to Finder only, but works with other apps like Safari, mail clients, and text editors.

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