Export Calendars Pro 1.9.1 MacOS [Full]

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Export Calendars Pro 1.9.1 MacOS [Full]

Export Calendars Pro

Export Calendars Pro

ExportCalendars Pro is a powerful tool for exporting events and reminders saved in Calendar and Reminders apps on your Mac to various “tab-delimited” file formats such as: Excel, CSV, tab-delimited text.

You can also export almost any address book field for any contact attached to an event, including fields with custom labels. You can customize your export format and save the template settings for later use.


Export data in 3 easy steps:

  • Select a time frame for the export. Use the presets provided or set custom dates.
  • Select the calendars and fields you want to export and define the order of the data to be exported.
  • Select the export format: Excel Workbook (.xlsx), CSV or tab-delimited.
  • Data files created with Export Calendars Pro can be easily imported into Excel (Windows and Mac), Numbers, FileMaker and other programs – with dates, special characters, etc. saved.

You can download the “program” from our website for free, so that you can try all the settings or just test it, the archive also has a crack, patch, key or keygen, I’m sure that all users of our website are smart people, I won’t describe how to use crack or keygen 🙂 . If you came across a program in the Repack version this means that all the necessary activation steps have already been done 🙂 you just have to install the program and test as much as you want, if you still have some problems please do not be shy and ask, good luck .

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Export Calendars Pro 1.9.1 MacOS – (4.4 Mb)

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