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EveryLang Pro

EveryLang Pro

EveryLang Pro

I bring to your attention a powerful program for translating text that works without installation – EveryLang, which you can download for free if you go to the full news. After launch, you will see a clear window in front of you, where you can select the source text language from which the translation will be performed and the language of the final translation. The program supports translation from more than 60 languages ​​of the world and works with such translation services as Google, Bing and Yandex, which in turn will provide you with high-quality translation.

The program works seamlessly, in the minimized mode, so the translation can be carried out in various programs automatically, for example in browsers or office documents, PDF, etc. At the same time for translation you will not need to switch to the program itself, but will only need to select the desired piece of text and press the Ctrl key 2 times, after which a window with the translation will be shown, an example of which can be seen in the screenshot below. The program also supports spell checking, which is definitely a plus.

The program has advanced settings that you can optionally change. Here you can set up the translator itself by selecting the main language from which the translation will be made, into which language it will be translated, and the translation service itself; You can also customize the spell checker, switch layouts, AutoCorrect, clipboard, and more.

Also in the program there is tracking clipboard where you can see which part of the text you copied and from which application this action was performed.


Translation into more than 30 languages using Google, Microsoft and Yandex services. Select the desired text, press the hot keys and the translation will immediately appear next to your mouse cursor, you do not need to configure anything, the program will automatically determine the language to which you want to translate.

Layout indicator
The indicator shows the current layout next to the mouse cursor, the text cursor, as a separate indicator window, works in almost all programs, including console applications. You always know what the current language is.

Auto switching layouts
Automatic layout switching will allow you not to monitor the current input language. When entering text, the program will automatically understand that the word entered belongs to a different layout. The program also automatically generates auto-switching rules, depending on how the user manually switches the language of the last typed word.

Layout switching
Switching the layout of the last entered word or selected text will allow you not to erase the text written on the wrong layout, but by double-clicking on the Shift key to switch the last typed word to another layout or by double-clicking on Insert will switch the layout for the entire line. You can also select the text and double-click on Shift to switch it to another layout.

Clipboard manager
The manager keeps track of changes in the clipboard, tracks text formats Text, HTML, RTF, as well as the path to the copied files.Text from the history can be inserted into any application using a convenient window, search records, break text by separators. You can also copy and paste text with the mouse, paste the text both sequentially and by the record number in the history.

View the history of typed text in all applications. Your typed text is stored in the application memory, you can always see the fragments of the previously entered text.

The most essential functions for working with text with the mouse. Select the text and press the middle mouse button twice, using the window that appears, you can copy the text, translate, check spelling, change case, open clipboard history and snippets list, etc.

Text fragments that can be inserted using a special form or by typing previously defined words work with hot keys or SmartClick menu.

Text converter
The text Converter consists of the functions of calculating expressions, converting numbers and dates into strings, transliteration of the text in Latin, text framing with quotes, text conversion in CamelCase style, changing the case of the selected text, the case of the first character of the word. All functions work when hot keys are pressed and also with SmartClick.

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