DropDMG 3.5.9 MacOS [Full]

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DropDMG 3.5.9 MacOS [Full]



DropDMG is the easiest way to create and use your own disk image in a Mac environment. Functional utility for creating .dmg, .img, .smi, .sitx, .tar and .zip. If you need to create one of the types of containers, and you don’t want to or don’t know how to do it with the help of Disk Utility and other auxiliary applications, use this simple program.

DropDMG allows you to create a Create OS X Install Disk for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks (hard disk, USB flash drive, or SD memory card). To create an OS X Install Disk, see here

To create a container you just need to drag and drop the packed folder or file to the application window or to the DropDMG icon. The format of the container being created is chosen in the application settings.

The application supports advanced options such as encrypted and segmented disk images, WYSIWYG editor to create a layout of the distribution disk with background, user icons, text license agreements in several languages, etc., and support for AppleScript and Automator will save time.


  • Create and convert disk images and archives with a simple drag and drop. There are also many other convenient ways to invoke DropDMG. You can create a disk image or archive from an existing file or folder or create a new blank disk image.
  • DropDMG supports all the major formats, including compressed .dmg files, .sparsebundle files, .zip and .tar.gz archives, and hybrid disk images. Zlib disk images and ZIP archives created by DropDMG are smaller than those created by Disk Utility and the Finder.
  • Configurations let you reuse common collections of settings, and temporary options let you easily make one-off changes.
  • Create bootable macOS install disks from downloaded OS installer apps to help with repairing your Mac, restoring from backup, and testing new OS versions.
  • Quickly burn files, folders, or disk images to CD or DVD. Multi-session support lets you add files to an existing CD.

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Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later 64-bit

DropDMG 3.5.9 MacOS – (16.6 Mb)

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