Dataland CD Label Designer 8.3 Build 838

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Dataland CD Label Designer

Dataland CD Label Designer Key

The program will allow you to create and print a cover for the box to your CDs, download Label Designer CDs below. You can insert any pictures and text that you want to place in a circle. All inserted objects can be adjusted to your preferences. It is worth noting the ready-made templates, which can be easily edited. In general, I liked CD Label Designer, so it is quite convenient in work program.


CD Label Designer is the perfect solution if you want to make labels for:

  • Music/Other Compilations
  • Backups
  • Creative hand-made gifts
  • Home and Family Archives
  • Promotional CD/DVD for your business
  • Brochures for your products

Other features that make a difference

  • Add drop shadow to texts, images or shapes and configure its offset and transparency
  • Set the level of opacity of any object to get interesting “see-through” results
  • Easily arrange objects by aligning them with each other or with a label
  • Use Snap to grid options for perfect layout
  • Read list of files and folders from disk, or song titles from CDDB database
  • Read MP3/WMA tags
  • Put this list into text object or to a label background with custom number of columns
  • Create Booklets of any size and any number of pages
  • Manually set exact object sizes and positions (in inches or millimeters)
  • Wizard for quick label creation
  • Export designs to various image formats in any resolution and send them to professional printing service
  • Multi-language user interface (in English, German, French, Italian, …)

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License: ShareWare

Dataland CD Label Designer 8.3 Build 838 – (8 Mb)

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