Creative Edge Software iC3D Suite 6.5.3

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Creative Edge Software iC3D Suite

Creative Edge Software iC3D Suite review

iC3D Suite is a software product for design and visualization of digital layouts of the full cycle: from idea to production. It is used for branding various products and applying images to any surface. No additional extensions or third-party software are needed. The final product can be printed on 3D printers, exported via the Web or printed in high resolution.

iC3D Suite is a comprehensive software for the design and production of branded products, labels, bottles, boxes, shrink-wrappers, and similar items made from different materials, including glass, tin, cardboard, film. Previously it took a lot of time to develop, design and produce, but now all stages of the process are combined in one software. iC3D is able to realize the most creative idea and turn creative ideas into reality.

You will be able to create three-dimensional digital layouts in real time, using only the resources of the software, without any additional devices or programs. You only need an image from Illustrator or even a PDF file to let iC3D transform it into a finished photorealistic product.

Special Smart Mesh technology allows the program to move labels and graphic objects on the model instantly, without tedious coordinate calculations and other parameters. The unique Shape Modeller function allows to create asymmetric 3D models, e.g. perfume bottles, shaped containers etc.

If it is a work with film, the Shrink and Shrink Correction options will be useful, with which you can see how the image or labels will be distorted when applied to three-dimensional models. Ray Tracing and Light Map perfectly simulate the effects of light on virtual objects and studio lighting. Dynamic backgrounds and perspective management allow you to combine 2D still images with 3D structures in real time, so you can visualize your product from any angle and in any environment, from store shelves to walk-in coolers.

3D layout software has cloud storage where you can store and showcase your designs to other users. This is especially handy when working together on an order. The final product can be printed in high resolution, output to a 3D printer, or sent over the Web. The torrent link for those wishing to download iC3D Suite is below.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one design software
  • Direct link to Illustrator & PDF import
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Import Standard 3D Structural Files
  • 3D model creation
  • SmartWrap™
  • SmartShrink™
  • Ray Tracing
  • Light Map Editor
  • Dynamic Backgrounds & Perspective
  • Shelving & In-Store Visualizer
  • Extensive Model, Template & Material Libraries
  • Print and share
  • Web collaboration using iC3D opsis

Whats new:

Additions and Improvements

  • AI 2022 Plugin update – Plugins now ARM compatible on MacOS
  • Updated PDF Libraries within iC3D PDF Renderer
  • Reduce Rim light effects option when using “Environment” Backgrounds
  • Improved texture map resolution for 3D PDF exports


  • HDR Light map import detail
  • OSX Installer fix for Icons
  • Depth of field background colour display
  • Animation export for 30FPS
  • U3D export texture resolution

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License: ShareWare

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