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SpriteIlluminator – normal map editor for dynamic lighting and special effects. It is a sophisticated but user-friendly software solution that was created to help make computer graphics objects more believable by combining light and shadow in a realistic way.

CodeAndWeb SpriteIlluminator

CodeAndWeb SpriteIlluminator review

The application will be useful mainly for professionals who create dynamic lighting in games and all kinds of animation, who know how to work with sprites. SpriteIlluminator is well structured and not overloaded with anything unnecessary. An experienced specialist won’t have any trouble to understand its functionality and basic features from the moment of the first program launch. The main window is divided into several sections. The drag and drop function is supported. In order to process this or that sprite, you should drag it with the mouse cursor from the right part to the work zone. There are also tools, brushes and special effects applicable to sprites on the right side. You can manually select the position of the light source using the Global Light tools, define colors using Z Position, Brightness, Light and Ambient Light. Depending on your goals, you can play with textures, select the illuminated surface, adjust the display mode and create a map of normal. With the help of special effects built into the menu, you can mow your sprite, give volume to its shape or highlight it. At the bottom of the window there are buttons with settings of object parameters and modes. The central zone is a demo zone, where you can edit the appearance and view sprites after applying effects and tools. Thus, SpriteIlluminator is a modern and effective software for qualitative transformation of sprites from boring and unsightly to full-size, dynamically illuminated versions. In other words, it is an affordable program for creating normal maps of SpriteIlluminator with a key to download from the same page on a free link.


  • Use drawing tools to draw directly on a map of normal and fine-tune the effects.
  • Adds volume to the sprite shape by squeezing out its opaque parts.
  • Adds height differences based on the brightness of the sprite colors.

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License: ShareWare

Download CodeAndWeb SpriteIlluminator 1.5.0 – (43.8 Mb)

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