Castle Defender: Hero Shooter 2.0.3 APK [Mod] [Full]

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Castle Defender: Hero Shooter – Offline TD – a classic format and implementation project that will appeal to all who like to play from the defense. They will lead the defense of a small section of the fortification, which is under attack by an army of the undead. At their disposal are various siege mechanisms with great damage and ranged, as well as brave heroes. Archers, warriors, wizards and other indifferent people that are happy to destroy a couple of tens of thousands of enemies. Well, a nice graphics gives the whole process the right visual impression, which will please fans of the beautiful battles.

Castle Defender: Hero Shooter

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Castle Defender: Hero Idle Defense TD is a strategy where we have to defend our own castle from skeletons, orcs, goblins and other creatures. The story of the game tells about the kingdom, which is located in the fictional universe. For a long time there has been a struggle with the dark forces and now the day has come when the war must be ended. You have to go to the defense of the fortress taking control of the legendary warriors endowed with unique abilities and skills. Do not let the enemies to break through the defense of the castle and get inside.

Plan your strategy and tactics for each subsequent battle, call upon the heroes for help and use all available weapons. The defended tower is located on the left side of the screen, with a crossbow and a character who independently attacks all monsters approaching the tower. The player can control the crossbow, sending one arrow after another to the monsters. To do this, just click on the screen where you want to send a few arrows, or hold your finger on the screen and drive it from side to side. And don’t forget about skills and abilities, which you can use throughout the battle, just by clicking on the appropriate icons.

Don’t forget to pump up your heroes, increasing their characteristics and fighting skills. Go to the most different colorful locations, fight with dozens of types of monsters and do not let them win in a bloody war.


  • 3 maps such as: forest, beach and desert
  • 30+ fun LEVELS!
  • With the help of ultimates like: tornado, freeze…
  • 4 main heroes to summon and upgrade
  • Lots of different monsters running wild, each with their own special attacks!
  • Many many choosing upgrade for warrior, castle, crossbow…etc…

Just like players defender their castle in the best epic idle defense TD games, you have to defend your kingdom!

Play this offline game with super fun idle defense game and have fun for free! Try out the Challenge mode and test your limits! When you win, you can have more gem, gold to upgrade your castle and your heroes.


  • Money

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  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot
  • Castle Defender Screenshot


Requirements: 4.4+

Download Castle Defender: Hero Shooter 2.0.3 APK [Mod] – (126.6 Mb)

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