Capo 3.8.1 MacOS [Full]

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Capo 3.8.1 MacOS [Full]



Capo is a music player, but not so much for listening to songs as for analyzing them!
It can slow down a song to differentiate between individual notes, and Capo can automatically generate guitar tablature to make the process as comfortable as possible, because all you can do is take the tabs and learn your favorite song.

For a rhythmic guitar, Capo recognizes and displays chords… By learning your songs seriously, you can place markers where you want to pay more attention and then quickly return to them. Among other things, Capo allows you to add simple effects to a composition and export it to various audio formats.

Capo is the musician’s best friend. It lets you slow down your favorite songs, so you can hear the notes and learn how they play. You can also switch between your favorite songs using tabs in record time. The program uses OpenCL spectrogram of instant display!

The application is primarily positioned to work with music from the iTunes library, but there is nothing to stop you from using any other tracks in any folder on Mac’s hard drive. Each time you start Capo, you will be shown a welcome screen that explains the main features of the program. Moreover, the description of each function is supported by a short screencast, which can be viewed without leaving the application. Buttons at the bottom of the window allow you to open a music track from any folder on your hard drive or select one of those that has already been opened in the program.

The same options for opening music files are available in the File section of the program menu, so after you have familiarized yourself with the basic features of the application and viewed all the screenshots, you can disable the display of the welcome window by removing the checkmark from the Show on Launch item. After that an unusually simple window will be displayed at the start:
Once you drag and drop the track from the iTunes library to this window, it will be immediately replaced by the main window, where all the work will be done.


  • Detect, and enter chords
  • Pitch adjustment
  • Mark song sections
  • Loop at slower speeds
  • Export Capo-adjusted music
  • Basic effects available

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Requirements: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit

Capo 3.8.1 MacOS – (29.1 Mb)

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