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Brave Earth: Heroes of Magic is a hexagonal turn-based strategy game from Tortuga Team in which the developers continue to develop their universe. The beautiful graphics have remained in place, but the gameplay has significantly improved compared to previous projects. The plot tells us that the iconic artifact was stolen, and the kings have announced the reward for those who find and return it. Here gamers in the role of the adventurer will join the general search for the gadget. They will have to assemble a squad dash army and go on a fascinating journey filled with battles, important decisions and many other features.

Braveland Battles

Braveland Battles review

Braveheart: Heroes of Magic is a turn-based strategy with elements of role-playing, excellent drawn graphics and a fascinating storyline. The scepter that gives the right to rule the seven kingdoms has been stolen from the throne room. The rulers were forced to convene a council to decide which of the brave heroes should go in search of and return the ancient relic. Embark on a dangerous adventure with dozens of enemies, exciting battles, and a wide variety of useful items awaiting you.

You need to think through tactics for each battle and use them in battles, and don’t forget about your characters’ abilities and magical skills. Manage small legions of fighters, make the right decisions, fight other players and bosses. Gradually your ranks will be filled with new warriors, skeletons, knights, monks and archers. Start your journey from a small town, go through high mountains, visit the jungle and even a palm island.

Enjoy great drawn graphics, the ability to create and level up unique characters, equip them with cool items, and fight against real players in turn-based format.


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  • Храброземье: Герои Магии Screenshot
  • Храброземье: Герои Магии Screenshot
  • Храброземье: Герои Магии Screenshot
  • Храброземье: Герои Магии Screenshot
  • Храброземье: Герои Магии Screenshot
  • Храброземье: Герои Магии Screenshot


Requirements: 4.0.3+

Download Braveland Battles 1.69.3 APK [Mod] – (90.4 Mb)

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