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A good program has been updated, which is able to record everything that happens on your desktop. This is convenient for those who make some presentations, writes a reference manual for the use of various programs, you can download BB FlashBack below. Note that the development allows you to save the resulting video in different formats, such as Flash or just AVI/WMV and others, you can immediately create a presentation, and you will be able to add your own text comments and even background music, which should decorate your work. BB FlashBack, although not the best program in this area, it still has a built-in editor that can be used immediately after the end of the recording, you can adjust some of the video. The program itself can be minimized into a tray and from there you can record without disturbing the main work, and you can record as the whole screen, and the specified size or just a selected area, this can also be called a significant plus. BB FlashBack will be especially appreciated by users who are going to explain to their comrades how to use certain programs, because it is not always clear in words, but they have shot the video, published it and it is done. Of course, the program can record video in a very high quality, not ashamed to show a large audience. From the advantages of BB FlashBack you can safely highlight the support of adding sound, text and pictures to your video, comments can be recorded simultaneously with the recording of video. With the help of a great built-in editor, BB FlashBack is able to work with video using different methods, you can cut a part of it, swap pieces of it, improve the quality and so on. Also, the program will like the fact that it is easy to manage, to deal with the main features will not be difficult, in fact, after starting, you just need to click on the REC button, then on the stop, watch the video in the editor and if necessary, correct it. By BB FlashBack everything, I have nothing more to add, I hope the tool will be useful to you, put their marks and reviews.


  • Record screen images, microphone, PC sounds and webcams.
  • Records the entire screen, window, or area.
  • Recording and displaying keystrokes.
  • Ability to adjust the desired file size and quality.
  • Scheduled recording.
  • Add sound comments to the finished clip as well as text annotations, images, watermark, arrows and interactive buttons.
  • Upload to YouTube,, Viddler and Revver.
  • Upload to http, ftp file servers on your local network.
  • Export to Flash (SWF and FLV), AVI, WMV, QuickTime (H264), MPEG4 (iPad/Pod/Phone compatible).
  • Export to GIF.
  • Export to standalone EXE.
  • Export to MS Powerpoint.
  • Adding AVI or WMV files as Picture-in-Picture video.
  • Displaying invisible keystrokes. Smoothing or rerecording mouse movements. Cursor backlighting.
  • Picture-in-picture video editing. Trim a section of a video clip.
  • Editing several audio tracks.
  • Speeding up and slowing down parts of a video clip. Zoom effects.
  • Appearance and attenuation of sound. Removing noise from sound.

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