ArKaos GrandVJ XT 2.5 + Patch [Full]

ArKaos GrandVJ XT

ArKaos GrandVJ XT

ArKaos GrandVJ XT

Here’s the all-new, improved GrandVJ 2 staging. GrandVJ 2 comes with a new interface, making it even more user friendly and straightforward, while integrating new functionalities in it. Manipulate, trigger and mix video clips with sound, animated text strings or live cameras in much the same way as mixing music to create a spectacular audiovisual show. GrandVJ can mix up to 8 layers with a vast library of video effects, transitions and sound driven visual generators.


  • Spout output both in Instant and VideoMapper modes.
  • The DMX Merger in the LEDMapper with GrandVJ XT.
  • Support for complex DMX fixtures like moving heads.
  • Improved Art-Poll based node discovery in the LEDMapper.
  • Auto-unicast for easier and optimized Art-Net network setup.
  • Support for Draft Devices in the Kling-Net Mapper to prepare shows offline.
  • All applications running in 64 bits.


(339.1 Mb)

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