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Actual Window Menu

Actual Window Menu review

The Actual Window Menu adds additional items to the system menu of each Windows window that can be used to: minimize any window to the notification area, make it “on top of all”, make it semi-transparent, change the priority, and much more.

Besides standard operations, Windows has a number of useful features hidden from the user and available only programmatically. With the  Window Menu you can access these features in ANY window of ANY program.


  • minimize the window to the Windows notification area (system tray);
  • change the transparency of the window;
  • make the window “always on top of everyone”;
  • place the window “always on top of everyone”;
  • “glue the window to the Desktop;
  • roll up the window to the title;
  • make the window a “ghost” (the mouse clicks will “pass through” it);
  • move the window between monitors in a multi-monitor system;
  • change the execution priority of the program to which the window belongs.

What’s new in Actual Window Menu 8.14.5?

Windows 10 x64 Insider Preview, build 21277+: The program quit with an error right after launch.
Licensing system: The evaluation period is extended by one-third of the original period when you install an update released after the free update subscription expiration date.
Incorrect memory handling may have caused cascading errors in Control Center after launching it if “Collect usage statistics” was turned on.
Some application windows (e.g. Directory Opus) stopped responding to Control Center commands (such as pause/resume or change settings).
Window Actions: The “Run Keyboard Macro” action forcibly kept its target window in focus, which could interfere if the end goal of the macro being executed involved activating another window (especially when activating the macro with anything other than the “On Window Startup” event).
Window Actions: The floating “Minimize to screen” action icon placed on the right/bottom edge of the monitor may have been outside the visible area when the monitor’s resolution was reduced.

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