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Actual Window Menu

Actual Window Menu review

The Actual Window Menu adds additional items to the system menu of each Windows window that can be used to: minimize any window to the notification area, make it “on top of all”, make it semi-transparent, change the priority, and much more.

Besides standard operations, Windows has a number of useful features hidden from the user and available only programmatically. With the  Window Menu you can access these features in ANY window of ANY program.


  • minimize the window to the Windows notification area (system tray);
  • change the transparency of the window;
  • make the window “always on top of everyone”;
  • place the window “always on top of everyone”;
  • “glue the window to the Desktop;
  • roll up the window to the title;
  • make the window a “ghost” (the mouse clicks will “pass through” it);
  • move the window between monitors in a multi-monitor system;
  • change the execution priority of the program to which the window belongs.

What’s new in 8.14.7?

  • Memory consumption and overall system load is slightly reduced.
  • In some rare cases multi-window applications might crash silently after
    closing and re-opening a window of the same type (e.g. separate message
    window in email client).
  • Compatibility is improved with custom cursors provided by Yolo Mouse.
  • After exiting and then starting Actual Window Menu back,
    some features in some applications might work erratically.
  • In multi-window applications memory leaked slightly after each cycle of
    closing a window and then opening two windows in a row.
  • Excel 2007+ hung after closing some of its standard dialogs: Protect Sheet,
    Conditional Formatting, Chart Data, etc.
  • Window Actions, Mouse: The support for windows with a non-standard
    window frame to intercept clicks on a title bar, sizeable border, and
    standard Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons to invoke assigned mouse actions,
    as well as to prevent accidental window closing, added in the previous
    version, did not work in systems before Windows 10.
  • Window Actions: If a window was rolled up and then minimized, pausing
    or exiting Actual Window Menu did not restore window’s original
    position and size.
  • Configuration: The Send to Tech Support feature did not recognize
    Windows 11 marking the sent configurations as Win10-built.

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