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In this category you can find a variety of Disks and Files Apps for Windows.

3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool

You can Download 3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool for free 3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool review Not a bad tool for those who often work with documents in PDF format. You can use it to analyze your documents and try to recover them in case something goes wrong and they become damaged. PDF Desktop Analysis

Synchredible Professional 7.110

You can Download Synchredible Professional Crack from our website for free Synchredible Professional review Synchredible – the program will solve the problem of synchronizing files and folders, this process can be tedious and difficult for most people, often they need to move many files from one place to another on their computers. This software will

Condusiv Diskeeper 18 Pro 20.0.1302.0 Crack

You can Download Condusiv Diskeeper Crack from our website for free Condusiv Diskeeper review with Key Updated an interesting program to defragment your hard drives. If you look far into history, the program was originally developed for VAX systems, and later it was released on Windows. In general, Diskeeper Corporation is quite well known for

AOMEI Backupper 6.6.1

You can Download AOMEI Backupper Crack  for free AOMEI Backupper review Excellent program for creating a backup or restoring the system, as well as disks and partitions you need. Please note that the program works with Microsoft VSS technology, which will allow you to create backup copies without interrupting your computer, you can download AOMEI

AOMEI Partition Assistant 9.4.1

You can Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Crack for free AOMEI Partition Assistant review A new version of a powerful enough program that can work with hard drives has been released, you can administer partitions for a personal computer and even workstations, you can download the Partition Assistant from our site. It is worth noting that

PanFone Data Transfer 1.3.2

You can Download PanFone Data Transfer for free PanFone Data Transfer review PanFone Data Transfer – another program for transferring data from one phone to another and it does not matter, you go from Android to iOS or vice versa, now in a couple of clicks you can quickly synchronize all files and use the

Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro Crack

You can Download Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro for free Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro review ReiBoot – this program will allow you to recover data when it comes to devices on the iOS operating system. You will find a pleasant, stylish, clear user interface, just click once and you will get the desired result. This program can be

PanFone iOS Eraser Pro 1.1.2

You can Download PanFone iOS Eraser Pro for free PanFone iOS Eraser Pro review PanFone iOS Eraser – the program will completely delete the data from your iOS device. It is convenient when you decided to sell it, because you no longer have to worry that the buyer will take a special software and decide

Syncios Mobile Manager 7.0.6

You can Download Syncios Mobile Manager for free   Syncios Mobile Manager review Syncios Mobile Manager is an all-in-one mobile manager that helps you backup, transfer and manage data on your iOS and Android phones and synchronize files from your computer to your phone. Fully supports Android 11 and iOS 14 devices. Flexible management of

PanFone Data Recovery 2.2.1

You can Download PanFone Data Recovery for free PanFone Data Recovery review PanFone Data Recovery – this program was created to help you recover data from your iOS device, knows how to work directly with the phone itself, and can work with services such as iTunes and iCloud Backup, pulls copies from them and then