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Zemana AntiLogger is a program that helps protect your PC from malicious viruses and spyware. It should be noted that Zemana AntiLogger uses a unique algorithm of work, namely, it does not apply constantly changing virus signature databases, but performs behavioral analysis of all running programs on your PC.

Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana AntiLogger review

Such an algorithm protects your PC qualitatively not only from known viruses or spies, but also from absolutely new malicious software. For example, downloading Zemana AntiLogger will very simply prevent attempts to record keyboard hits in order to calculate passwords and logins, or will become a powerful barrier to theft of information from the user’s hard drive.


  • System protection – the program protects system components from the most common “viruses” and “spies”.
  • Anti-keylogger – the program calculates the algorithm of keyloggers’ activity and blocks the attempts to record keystrokes. It reliably protects from unauthorized access to the user’s personal information (passwords, accounts, etc.).
  • Anti Screen Interceptor – the program calculates the algorithm of screen loggers’ activity and blocks screen capture attempts during operations, for example, online banking or when entering confidential information.
  • Anti-buffer interceptor – the program protects against malware that copies clipboard information.
  • Anti-camera interceptor – the program prevents unauthorized persons from trying to capture or record video with the user’s web camera.
  • Zemana AntiLogger cloud – allows the program to independently apply for new updates to the community’s cloud base, providing quality protection for your PC.

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License: ShareWare

Download Zemana AntiLogger – (12.3 Mb)

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    in the text file there is only one “serial” and it begin with : “giveaway” with numbers althoug it doesn’t accept it