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Creating complex selections by hand and perfecting them almost always takes way longer than expected. Meet Topaz Mask AI. Mask AI allows you to create tricky masks in record time thanks to our intuitive machine learning technology and trimap technique. Less user input for an extremely high-quality mask has always been a photographer’s dream, and now you can have it with Mask AI.


How did we simplify the disguise
Compared to Photoshop, Mask AI does not require tedious brush work to get a high quality mask. And no need to study complex icons and tools. With Mask AI, you only need to roughly circle the object in blue, one click to fill out what you want to cut, one click to fill out what you want to save, and click “Compute Mask”. It’s really that easy. Our neural network has been trained to recognize steep edges, so you can get an excellent mask on the first try.

The masking has become easy for every type of photo
Mask AI includes machine training for a more accurate mask with less cleaning costs!

Unique Trimap technology
Making a good cut in Photoshop can be difficult, and it can take a whole day’s work. Mask AI’s intuitive color coding system reduces it to 4 simple steps: save, cut, calculate and replace.

Brush to calculate
Just draw a blue line at the edges of what you want to calculate. The nice thing about it is that you don’t have to be perfect is that you just keep a little bit of the object and the immediate area you want to disguise inside it. Our technology will do the hard work.

A brush for clarification.
Our smart brushes (Cut, Keep and Compute) use our technology and allow you to do clean and precise brushing without having to draw perfectly. The program will make the decision for you and accelerate your workflow!

Slide to perfection
Use post-processing sliders to quickly improve your mask. The Edge Softness slider is useful if you want to add sharpness to a rocky landscape or soften the edges of your portrait.

Edge Shift Slider
Shift the mask edges in any direction.

Foreground Recovery Slider
Restores the color of your foreground in weaker or more transparent areas. It can be an excellent tool for fur, moustache or fine hair.

Slider Defringe
Decolorizes the edges of your mask to help with color contamination.

Replace the background to finish
In order to become a great photographer, you have many methods and tools at your disposal. You have planned and executed with military precision to get the chance. But when nature gives you not the perfect sky or unwanted background, changing the background in Mask AI allows you to regain control over your work.

The tricky Made Easy masks in Mask AI
The loose hair. Feathers. Fur. Willow trees. There will always be complex masking tasks, but with Mask AI machine learning technology you’ll never have to suffer from details. Our application will do the hard work!

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