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Future poppy makers often ask us – is it true that there is all the necessary software for Mac OS X? What will be lacking after moving to a new operating system? Is there a wide enough range of programs offered for OS X? In response, we usually offer to look in our review section – during the three and a half years of the site’s existence there have been a lot of reviews of various programs for Mac OS X in various genres.

Yes, as a rule, there are no problems with the choice of software on Mac. Although the choice is noticeably less than on Windows, there is almost always something to choose from: there is no doubt that the software for Macs is much better and cuter than on other platforms. However, there are genres where even our authors can not always find worthy applications. One of these genres is audio tag editors. And there seems to be a lot of programs, but for some reason there is nothing to stop at – some programs do not work with all formats, others have too overloaded Java-interface, others look great, but unstable.

how Yate works:

Today we will consider another representative of the genre. Yate application for OS X will allow you to clean up and make your music collection more beautiful with tags and a lot of additional information about songs.

Like iTunes, Yate for Mac can automatically find album art. But to do this, the album title must be in tags, and Yate cannot analyze the song title and artist. The search is performed on Amazon and Google Images. If desired, other sources are added to the settings. But usually there are enough built-in sources, so there should be no problems with the appearance.

In order not to suffer with a lot of tracks one by one, there is a mass field editor. You can see all its features in the screenshot below. Absolutely all metadata, which is in the main application window, can be changed.

If you know exactly what edition is in your hands, so as not to fill many fields, you can search through all currently existing collections and select yours. Information about it will be immediately included in the tags.

After all the manipulation, with just one click of the button called “Link to iTunes,” you export the song to a standard OS X player and any tag changes will be instantly visible on iTunes itself.

Yate conclusions

Yate for Mac OS X is one of the most detailed tag editor available. It is worth adding that it supports the FLAC format and has an automatic search for covers and special editions. It lets you make bulk changes and instantly view them on iTunes. However, the price isn’t too happy – developers want as much as thirty dollars for all this. But if you manage to organize your entire audio library in a fourteen-day trial period, you won’t have to pay, because the trial version has no limitations in functionality 😉

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Requirements: macOS X 10.9 or later 64-bit

Yate 6.0.1 MacOS – (15.1 Mb)

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