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WriteItNow is one of the most famous, smart and perfect programs for writers. Judging by the review of functions presented on her site, she can do almost anything except write a novel for you. It is the only program that can both edit and structure -WriteItNow can do anything, though only in English.



The program is a “writing desktop”. On the left is a menu of chapters, scenes, episodes, tabs with information about characters, events, a place for author’s notes. The purpose of this “designer of the future masterpiece” is simple – to give the author the opportunity to track all the story lines, heroes’ names and locations. Among the author’s tools – Storyboard (history board), which displays the entire chronology of events in chapters and scenes, an overview of the storylines, a mechanism for creating heroes and a set of universal ideas. The last two tools are intended to help the author in periods of creative crisis: to create a random hero, to choose a name, typical for the chosen era and place, to offer further development of the plot. For each character the program creates a “dossier” in which you can prescribe his habits, connections with other characters and other important details.

Among the tools responsible for vocabulary and style – “Readability” (readability, text accessibility), search for cliches, thesaurus that will find the meaning of an unknown word.

In creative writing tutorials you can always find tips to write 10-15 minutes a day. With WriteItNow it is simple – the process of work is constantly accompanied by time and word counters. Targets (“today I have to write 500 words!”) can be set by yourself.

The basic content of the program can be supplemented by downloading new character descriptions and tips for writers. The service includes tips on how to start, continue and finish the text.

The main idea of the program – to write a novel is difficult, but not more difficult than to build a constructor. The author’s task – to keep in mind the idea, not the features of a minor character in Chapter Six. The latter may well take care of the computer service. He will not create a description of appearance, but will remind you of the necessary details.

Among similar services can be noted WriteWay, but the principal differences from WriteItNow it does not, so we will not dwell on it in detail. WriteWay allows to create bases of heroes and locations, offers templates. This program is often compared to WriteItNow and is called the next generation service.


  • WriteItNow is designed to help anyone writing a novel.
  • Keep the novel text and all the background information in one place.
  • Each novel is saved in a single file.
  • The program has two main sections: one for chapters and scenes and the other for background details
  • Keep all your writing as chapters and scenes.
  • Keep background notes in the background details section.
  • Move chapters and scenes with the story board
  • Check who does what, where and when with the storyline editor.
  • Use the thesaurus, spelling checker, readability checker and cliche finder.
  • Keep an eye on how much you’ve written with the word count and writing targets.

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