WnSoft PTE AV Studio Pro 10.0.14 Build 1 [Full review]

You can Download WnSoft PTE AV Studio Pro for free

WnSoft PTE AV Studio Pro

WnSoft PTE AV Studio Pro

With this easy-to-use program, you will be able to create a stunning slideshow without much effort or computer skills, just add the photos that you actually want to see in your project. When you are done configuring all the necessary functions, you will get an EXE presentation file, it is very convenient to send for example by mail, write to disk, copy to any media and so on, you can download PicturesToExe Key in the full news.
It is worth noting here is what a pleasant moment, to each of your slides you can add any text inscription, sound effect, background music or just your comment in MP3, WAV and so on. If you consider the appearance, it is quite light. In addition, you can also synchronize each frame to a specific moment of background music, it is very convenient, and this option can be done without much difficulty. PicturesToExe has a lot of settings, you can learn a little about it from the screenshot, and get acquainted with the details directly when you start the program.
The last thing I wanted to tell you about the great program PicturesToExe Full is that it supports ready-made cinematic effects, so the transition between slides will be quite original. I think this is the end of the description, so have a good time using the program.


Pan, zoom, rotate, 3D
Adjust pan, zoom, rotate, 3D transformations.
Control opacity, blur, blurry mask and color effects.

Nested animation
Create a complex parent-daughter animation of objects.

Pictures and video clips
Mix images and video clips together on the screen.

View Timeline
Add and view multiple audio tracks that can be played simultaneously. Synchronize slides with audio clips on the timeline using moments. Link audio clips to the slides.

Audio editor
Envelope instrument (key sound volume control). Edit audio clips: gradual disappearance, start time, duration, gradual disappearance.

Objects .
Add images, video clips, text captions, masks, interactive buttons and more.

Key frame animations
The keyframes work as waypoints. Add the first key frame and adjust the position and size of the object. Add the last key frame and adjust the end position of the object and its parameters. PTE AV Studio will animate the object between these keyframes using pan, zoom, rotate, etc. Д.

Adjust color
Adjust brightness, contrast, levels, hue, saturation of image/video. Apply sepia effect and other color filters. Support color profiles.

Image settings
Crop images and videos, add a beautiful white frame, and cast shadows. Apply the dynamic blur effect. Use the zoom in the frame. Apply a masking effect.

Color Management
Support for Adobe RGB monitors in preview and runtime shows.

Executable shows for PC
PTE AV Studio allows you to create slideshows as executable files for PC and Mac.

The highest image quality is possible because PTE AV Studio uses original images from the project. Smooth animation playback is synchronized with the monitor update rate. Automatic or manual slide promotion. Interactive objects with actions. Instant creation of executable files.

Slide styles and transitions.
125+ customizable slide styles, themes and transition effects. Each slide style allows you to easily customize multiple animation settings. Create new slide styles, themes and transitions and share them with other users.

Text captions
Add text captions with animation. Create text macros from EXIF metadata and apply them to all or selected images.

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WnSoft PTE AV Studio Pro 10.0.14 Build 1 – (51.3 Mb)

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