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Wise Disk Cleaner is a fairly convenient, fast and easy-to-use application which is needed to analyze and then subsequently clean your hard drives. The cleanup itself is done from files that are unused, temporary or even just unnecessary.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner

Considering Wise Disk Cleaner, it should be noted that the program can detect about 55 types of file formats, which are considered trash. It is also possible to add new formats manually if necessary. Once the analysis by the utility has been done, the user can simply examine the information on each file and decide whether to delete or save it.

The program interface:

  • simple;
  • understandable;
  • easy to use for any user;
  • easily customizable.

If the user does not want to review the analysis report, you can make such a setting that will automatically delete harmful and unnecessary files. Need to defragment the entire disk quickly? And this is where this application will come to the rescue.

The software is capable of independently identifying and removing more than 50 types of unnecessary components that only unnecessarily burden your hardware resources. Therefore their removal will increase the performance of your device, avoid freezing and long waits, and free up unnecessary space on your hard drive.

After scanning your device, you can choose which items you want to remove and which you want to keep. Just as you will be able to pre-set all the necessary parameters to work, so that you can focus on the interaction with certain system elements.

Features of the tool:

  • Powerful utility for removing garbage and unnecessary information from your computer;
  • Identification of more than 50 different kinds of files to remove;
  • Advanced work setup that allows you to select specific data formats;
  • High work speed;
  • Hard disk defragmentation function;

If you are looking for where to download the program with an activation key, you can do it on this site. It is clear that after the work of such a program, your PC will work much faster.

Whats new in the program:

  • Support for cleaning only prefetched files created more than 7 days ago.
  • 2. Improved the rules for cleaning temporary files, icon cache, delivery optimization files, and system error logs.
  • 3. Added support for cleaning AnyDesk, AVS Audio Converter, and AVS Audio Editor.
  • 4. Fixed minor bugs in the previous version.

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License: FreeWare

Download Wise Disk Cleaner – (6.5 Mb)

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