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Wise AD Cleaner is a program capable of removing any ads on your PC that have “leaked” due to unnoticed virus software installation. A large number of applications that you download from the net “come with” a set of additional files. The files turn into ad banners that end up in browsers, third-party programs, etc.

Wise AD Cleaner

Wise AD Cleaner review

You should definitely download Wise AD Cleaner if your browser settings get messed up for some unknown reason. For example, the home page was redirected to an “illegal” site. The application will completely clean your browser not only from ads, but also from settings you did not set yourself. You may see ads on the site that the owner of the resource did not place. The software will clean the pages so that there are no ads.

In the work of the software product Wise AD Cleaner does not cause any questions. When the main window opens, you need to click on the “SCAN” button. It will scan the entire OS, each program on the PC. The analysis is completed, then a window with a list is displayed. The list contains only those files that need to be deleted. If you are not sure about deleting all items from the list, check the boxes of those files that you definitely do not need. Next, confirm your operation by clicking the “Fix” button. The probability of correctly detecting viral ad files is very high.

During the analysis the program clings not only to the adware add-ons but also to other files which are 99% dangerous to the operating system. Standard “toolbars” distributed in other programs are always found by the application. But for more security, you can use the software along with alternatives. If cleaning has not given one hundred percent results – for example, the homepage is still automatically knocked down, despite the fact that you have already changed it several times.

The analysis time is about a minute. There are no paid features in the application and there are no additional software versions. Therefore, the reviews about Wise AD Cleaner are exceptionally positive.

You can set up Wise AD Cleaner so that the program will scan on a certain schedule. All you have to do is to monitor the results of the software. If you don’t take advantage of this option, try to use the utility at least twice a week when actively downloading programs from sites and surfing the net. Download Wise AD Cleaner in Russian – a program to detect and remove malware from your computer.

Key Features

  • Can clean your computer from ad viruses;
  • Returns the main browser to its normal state;
  • After scanning shows all dangerous files and programs;
  • Simple interface;
  • Very fast analysis;
  • Can be downloaded for free.

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License: FreeWare

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