WinLock Professional 8.47

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WinLock – this digital product is a very non-standard, compact and useful utility whose main task is to limit the use of the Windows operating system. In this case, the application works as a unique timer, which is characterized by reliability and extensive functionality.

After installing and customizing the program, it automatically starts at the start of the operating system and controls all processes. As soon as the time specified by the user expires, the software automatically shuts down the device or restricts certain functions.


WinLock Professional

WinLock Professional review

This program is able to easily limit the running time of the operating system Windows. You can configure the development so that, for example, after a certain time will be blocked system, then the user will need to enter a password, which you must set in advance, you can also block the keys Alt-Ctrl-Del and others, you can download WinLock from our project.

If you want you can completely lock your desktop, prevent opening of pre-selected files, the same thing you can block certain applications, you can also hide the Start button, in general there are a lot of restrictions, I think to understand it will not be difficult, screenshots show everything clearly, WinLock is a very handy program.

The development may especially parents, thus children will not be able to sit for a long time in the system, to visit certain sites, run programs or for example your intimate photos, maybe someone has a home video collection, in general, I think it is not necessary to describe this point particularly, it is clear as it is. That’s basically all for WinLock, I hope this tool will be useful, have fun using it!

Key features and functions of the program:

  • support of many languages, including Russian;
  • Large number of useful functions;
  • beautiful design;
  • easy to use;
  • reliable protection for your Windows;
  • Compatible with all versions of Widnows, from XP and up;
  • is in great demand among all users;
  • locks specific programs, files and folders;
  • ability to hide the start menu
  • multitasking;
  • constant updates;
  • locking keyboard shortcuts.

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WinLock Professional settings

Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

Download WinLock Professional 8.47 – (19.1 Mb)

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