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I think many people know the NTWind developers, their program WinSnap was my favorite for a long time. In fact, they now offer us the WinCam tool, it doesn’t take screenshots, it records everything that happens on your desktop. In general, it can also capture different desktop elements, the active window, the entire desktop, the area you need, and so on. Settings are not so much, everything is quite clear and convenient. After a quick installation and further launch, and before that you need to cure the program, you will be able to see the window in which you can observe our desktop, in general, you can start writing, before that you need to specify in the settings of the values you are interested in, namely, the quality, where to save, format and other. It is possible to add simple effects to the video, in general everything is quite standard.


Live Preview
WinCam incorporates the same design philosophy as WinSnap (our screenshot creator). On the right pane, you can adjust the video source, the frame rate and post-processing effects, and preview these changes immediately without starting recording.

Cursor Zoom, Highlight and Click Animation
Creating a tutorial, you can make your cursor pop by adjusting its size, adding the highlight effect and mouse click animations. Alternatively, when recording a live-stream video, you might want to hide the disturbing cursor at all.

System Audio and Microphone
With WinCam, you can record system audio, microphone or both simultaneously. The selected audio signals are automatically resampled to achieve the best possible quality, mixed together and encoded in real time alongside the video.

Basic Video Editing
When recording is done, you can preview it and do some basic editing directly in WinCam. Double-click the timeline or use the corresponding toolbar buttons to set the start and end times of the video. Then click the Save button to save your clip as a copy or overwrite the original video.

WinCam is Super Easy!!!
Stripped from anything beyond screen recording, WinCam brings this one function to perfection. Less talk, more action: hit the hotkey and start recording the screen the next minute after you download WinCam. No other software is THAT easy!

WinCam runs only on Windows 10 and 8, older versions of Windows are not supported. Native 64-bit executables are included in the setup package and installed automatically.

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