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This program monitors any sites for updates. If the page has been updated, it will be saved and the new items will be highlighted with a different color. For detailed monitoring of changes you can use built-in filters, the product integrates with the most famous browsers, download WebSite-Watcher below.



The program has two modes of operation, for beginners and experts, they are selected at the start of the program, of course, through the menu later you can change the mode, so it is not critical. If you select a novice mode, WebSite-Watcher will give you a minimum of settings, so it will be easier to deal with them, and if you select an Expert Advisor, you can configure everything in detail.
Program after starting and entering the address, create a database of links. It is very convenient to have several databases, if, for example, you do not work at your computer alone. Once you have created the databases, you can monitor them. Links can be checked both at once and individually. WebSite-Watcher has a built-in browser, in general everything is quite clear, I hope you like it.


  • As far as bookmark properties go, you can edit the name and URL, insert an alternative URL for checking, import properties from another bookmark, as well as use a filter assistant or test filters yourself by comparing the current and previous version (with HTML tag highlights).
  • In addition, you can create a list of keywords to highlight in the page, enable auto-watch, set alerts on initialization, changes and/or errors, choose the method for checking web pages (e.g. screenshot), as well as run additional actions when an update is detected (e.g. play sound, open page, send email, run program, mark as read).
  • Advanced users may configure time settings, the highlight method and plugins, merge pages, follow links, ignore updates through a whitelist or blacklist, and more.
  • The bookmark file may be protected with a password. It is possible to optimize or repair the database, or re-create it from cache, minimize WebSite-Watcher to the system tray area, create news groups, locate duplicate bookmarks, import and export bookmarks (e.g. ZIP, CSV), synchronize two items, use a backup and restore service, as well as edit scripts, to name just a few.
  • WebSite-Watcher supports multiple languages and hotkeys that can be reconfigured. It has a good refresh rate and performs smoothly, without causing any issues to the OS. To sum it up, WebSite-Watcher supplies users with a wide array of features and settings for monitoring their favorite websites with ease.

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