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Voodooshield Pro

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VoodooShield full is a proactive white-listing protection that uses VoodooAi’s anti-virus technology with online VirusTotal, local and cloud sandbox (Cuckoo) checks for unknown files.
VoodooShield is fundamentally different from traditional antivirus protection based on exception handling (“white list”).

It is very important to understand how the product works in order to handle it properly. First of all, please note that VoodooShield is not intended to replace fixed antivirus protection, but only as a useful supplement that can significantly improve the level of security.

VoodooShield prohibits the launch of programs not added to the exception lists, unlike other solutions that block the launch of applications added to blacklists.

Traditional antivirus solutions cannot respond to the latest threats, which are created every day in the amount of 200,000 or more. VoodooShield blocks the launch of new applications (including malware and viruses) that are not whitelisted when using programs connected to the Internet (browsers, email clients, etc.). Since most threats come to your computer through a browser or email attachment, VoodooShield simply blocks your computer from surfing the Internet and checking email messages. The product also protects your workspace when there are no obvious signs of danger.

We emphasize that VoodooShield Key does not remove existing viruses. The solution uses its own proactive whitelisting technology to protect against malware and viruses. VoodooShield uses a patented mechanism to automatically protect and lock your computer, which takes effect when you run network applications. The logic is extremely simple – when surfing, you should not run unknown executable files that are not whitelisted.


  • Creating whitelists for software
  • User friendly computer lock
  • Whitelist based protection

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