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Volume Booster – At first glance it may seem that this application is not necessary at all, but you should not hurry. Many smartphone users had a problem with the fact that the maximum volume of their sound wasn’t enough, and even when everything was turned on fully, their sound was quite quiet.

Volume Booster

Volume Booster review

So this application will help you to bypass this limit, and increase your maximum sound by 20 – 30%. Yes, this will make the sound quality a little worse, but it’s an indispensable feature if you want to set up the sound of a call for your grandparents, who may not hear the usual signal. Or if you need to turn the alarm clock up louder so you don’t have to sleep on something important.


  • Quick boost with one tap on the button.
  • Quick configuration of the volumes of Ring, Notification, Voice call, Media, Alarm and System.
  • Switch to silent or vibration mode with just one touch.
  • Remember the settings and adjust the volumes automatically when your phone is turned on.
  • Remember the settings with or without headset and adjust the volumes when your headphone is plug in or pull out.

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  • Volume Booster Screenshot
  • Volume Booster Screenshot
  • Volume Booster Screenshot
  • Volume Booster Screenshot
  • Volume Booster Screenshot
  • Volume Booster Screenshot
  • Volume Booster Screenshot

Requirements: 5.0+

Download Volume Booster 1.5.67 APK [Mod] – (3.3 Mb)

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