Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter 1.1.7 APK [Paid]

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Video to MP3 Converter & Compressor – VidCompact is a cool in all its qualities project dash compressor that has gained a very impressive level of popularity among users thanks to its features and productivity.

Video to MP3 Pro: Ringtone Maker, MP3 Compressor

Video to MP3 Pro review

With the program you can perform a variety of actions. So, for example, from the usual compression, which will not happen loss of quality, to translate the video into the audio track. There is also a set of tools that eliminates the need to resort to editors to trim and change the timing. As well as many other things that are guaranteed to come in handy when regularly working with the source material.


  • No Ads at all.
  • Work as Video Cutter/Editor/Converter and video compressor.
  • MP3 Cutter for editing audio files.
  • Browse folders directly within an APP.
  • Supports MP3 bit rates : 48K, 64K, 80K, 96K, 112K, 128K, 160K, 192K, 224K, 256K and 320K.
  • Add/Edit Meta Data: Artist, Album, Genre,Year.
  • Select Video reslotions: 320X180, 480X270, 640X360, 800X450, 960X540, 1280X720.
  • Share Videos and Audios on different apps and social media.
  • Supports different Video formats: MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP, MKV, MOV, FLAC and more.
  • Supports different Audio formats: MP3, AAC, WMV, M4A.
  • Convert to MP3 and AAC.
  • Trim/Convert MP3 files in your device
  • Edit MP3 Meta-Data (TitleTitle, Artist, Genre, Year..)
  • Options (Play, Delete, Rename, Share, Edit Meta-Data, Trim, Merge)

How to Edit/Convert/Trim Video:

  • When you start App all the videos avaialble on device will shows.
  • Select your video.
  • Select starting and end point to make new video/Audio.
  • Select your choice to convert into audio (MP3,AAC) or video.
  • Add Metadata in info and select video resolution.
  • Select speed from very slow to very fast mode.
  • Select saving folder or it will default take folder as “Video to MP3”.
  • Press Convert Button and That’s it.

Note: It can take uptp 3 minutes if video file is in HD and large size. We request you to wait kindly as process get done.

How to Edit/Trim Audio:

  • Select an Audio of your choice under Audio Section.
  • Select starting and ending point.
  • Press Save and give name of your choice.
  • Chose how you want to save MP3 as Music, Ringtone, Notification.
  • That’s it. Its done you can use app as Ringtone maker and MP3 cutter.

You can check all converted audio and video files in Audio Cutter and Video Cutter section in app.

Also recommended to you CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra


  • Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter Screenshot
  • Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter Screenshot
  • Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter Screenshot
  • Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter Screenshot
  • Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter Screenshot
  • Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter Screenshot
  • Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter Screenshot
  • Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter Screenshot

Requirements: 5.0+

Download Video to MP3 Convert & Cutter 1.1.7 APK [Paid] – (35.1 Mb)

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