Vectorworks 2023 SP2 Crack + 2022 SP3 MacOS

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Vectorworks review

Vectorworks is a multifunctional set of tools for working with 2D as well as 3D graphics. You can download the application on this page.

The application is designed for:

  • specialists in the field of landscape design;
  • architects;
  • scene illuminators.

The core of the program ensures smooth and stable operation of the program. The utility is able to create three-dimensional models, draw, plot and show the result of the work in the desired form. Layers and Classes create the structure of the application. Design Layers creates an image in a three-dimensional state. Sheet Layers can be hidden for convenience to show special design parameters.

Layers can be multi-scale. Sheet Layers are used to print files. You can make a project presentation with them, as these layers are great for combining drawing and annotations. Vectorworks 2022 has a wide range of possibilities.

Classes are used to organize objects distributed on layers. They classify objects with different interaction properties, such as colors. Classes help to level out the complexity of the work and speed it up. One object – one class. For the most part, this program is a relationship of layers and classes, that is, the proper placement of classes on certain layers.

How to install Vectorworks for Win:

  1. WARNING! this is very important:
    Before you install it, add these lines to the host file:
  2. Before installing you must clean the temporary folder:
  3. Run the installer but do not try to enter the serial number.
  4. Go back to the temp folder and look for a folder similar to this:
    C:\Users\YOU_USER\AppData\Local\Temp\7zSC4E6DA91\inside that folder you must copy the file “\Crack\ShouldInstall.exe” into:
  5. Go back to the installer and use this serial number:”EZTUSS-1PH111-XXXXXX-Z11TCP”The installer will show the message “License validation failed” and it will ask you for the LDF file, use the file included in the Crack folder.
  6. Once the installation is finished, copy patched exe into VectorWorks 2023 folder.
  7. Run it!

How to install Vectorworks for Mac:

  1. Install using {Vectorworks2021.serials.txt}, don’t launch at the end of installation
    • VWEval-26-003F-19C8-4CD1
    • VWEval-26-003F-DA2C-383C
    • VWEval-26-003F-8E38-878A
  2. Go to {Applications} – {Vectorworks 2022} folder
  3. Right click on {Vectorworks 2022} app and choose {Show Package Contents}
  4. Go to {Contents} – {MacOS} folder
  5. Replace the original {Vectorworks} file with the cracked one

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Vectorworks review

Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

Requirements: Win 7/8.1/10/11

Download Vectorworks 2023 SP2 – (4.7 Gb)

UsersDrive Uploadrar   Magnet link

Requirements: macOS 10.15

Download Vectorworks 2022 SP3 macOS – (3 Gb)

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Previous version

Vectorworks 2023


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  1. 02max20

    Does anyone know a workaround for the ‘this file was created using an illegal copy of Vectorworks’ error? The crack works great however any file that is used with this version becomes unusable on any other VW.

  2. paul

    Export as a dwg.

    1. paul

      then other vw users can import it

  3. Any updates for 2023 MacOS?

  4. Louis

    Trying to install on mac Big Sur 11.6.7

    In the Read Me First:

    /Applications/Vectorworks 2022/Vectorworks

    Don’t know how to do this step. Could you explain?

    I have the folder /Applications/VectorWorks2022/
    But no to be found after install.

    What I did now:
    – Go through install with one of the provided keys. Install worked fine.
    – Try to open Vectorworks. Asks me to link this instance with the used key.
    This doesn’t work, program shuts down.

  5. Rick

    On a 2021 24″ M1 iMac running Ventura 13.1 Vectorworks starts just fine, but trying with all three provided serials to export a file as .jpeg or just save a .vwx i always get the error message “The specified file could not be found, or the file name has been improperly specified. (Failure on attempt to open file)”. With the jpeg the exported file is just empty. Has anyone an idea how to solve this? Connections via Mac native firewall are blocked of course.

  6. jin

    Any updates for 2023 MacOS?

  7. noa

    hi the crack doesn’t seem to work anymore, my 2022 crack stopped working over the weekend and installing the new version doesn’t work either, saying it has no correct serial key

    1. cyborg

      i have too same problem invalid serial number

  8. Anon

    After launching a window is shown asking if you would like to download and install an update. Is this something that you are allowed to do with this version? Also, I’m assuming the ability to login to the program as a regular user is out of the question?

  9. carldb

    It would be great to have version 2024 for Mac available

  10. JohnDoe

    Hey, the installation gets a fatal error and a CTD, any solution?

  11. Andrea

    I can’t find anywhere the patched exe for 2023 sp2 version in any of the folders…. help