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Ultracopier is a relatively small software add-on for the personal computer, which is designed to provide substantial assistance in the matter of moving heavy and very bulky files. According to the developers’ assurance, this procedure will be much faster and more convenient.


UltraCopier review

This utility is able to completely replace the standard features of the operating system, because its tools are strongly inferior to the functionality of this application. This is especially noticeable in the consumption of resources, as well as on hardware performance.

You will also be offered a very deep and flexible system of setting parameters, which will allow you to define and optimize the work of the software. Separately worth mentioning such unique features as: pause, software speed control, error logging.

Features of the utility:

  • Higher speed of moving data;
  • Advanced user settings;
  • Availability of a log of system errors;
  • Advanced file management features;
  • Universal tool for fast data moving and copying;
  • Support for working with all kinds of files;
  • Fastest transfer of file components between hard disks or SSDs;
  • Ability to interact with your local network;
  • Availability of data transfer rate limitation function to reduce the load on the system;

You will be able to move files between several hard drives or solid-state drives, as well as over the local network. Moreover, the software supports almost all existing types of file components, without any technical limitations.

The application is far ahead of the standard tools of the operating system in its efficiency, because the work processes here are not only more comfortable, but also have increased productivity. Also here you will be able to set a special data transfer speed limit to prevent system reboot, or to reliably protect information.

You can download this product from the active tab by simply clicking the link to download the installation package.

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Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: FreeWare

Download UltraCopier – (15.4 Mb)

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