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Please become acquainted with a very popular utility that will help users to reduce the time of moving and naturally copying files. This is very convenient, especially when you are dealing with large enough files, also useful when the standard set of Windows features you simply do not have enough to download SuperCopier, you can download below.



Once you have installed the program, an icon will appear in the system tray, through which you will be able to access the functions of the application. The disadvantage is that you can’t integrate SuperCopier into the context menu, so you will have to choose “new thread” each time you work with files. You will also need to select an action, copy or move it, then drag and drop the necessary files for processing, then select the destination folder.

The program interface can be located on top of other programs, of course, if it is not minimized in the tray. You will receive a notification when the task is completed, you will be able to view only the speed, the time to view the alas will not work. SuperCopier has additional settings, you can limit the speed of copying and moving, you can set the time between the two tasks and so on. There is nothing special to write about the program. Believe me, it really quickly copies and moves files, so if you appreciate the time, I think you will need a tool.


Brings multiple kind of communities together (users, developers, designers, …).

Run everywhere
Works with all devices: hard drives, usb keys, cdroms, … Cross-platform compatibility: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

On-demand customisation through a large choice of skins and plugins. Available in many languages.

High performance and control
Ultracopier is faster than most default system tools. It provides many advanced features such as: start/resume the copy process, speed limitation, search through the copy list ..

Error and collision management
Ultracopier predicts internal and external errors. It results in detailed information dialogs which allow you to pick up the best solution (eg. always overwrite, overwrite if newer, …).

Also recommended to you McAfee Endpoint Security


(14.7 Mb)

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