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Ultimate Ninja Blazing is a role-playing project from Asia, which imposes features not only on the visual component, but also on the fact that it is very unflattering to Western players due to the presence of hieroglyphics.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Ultimate Ninja Blazing review

Which hasn’t actually stopped it from becoming very popular among fans of manga/anime and especially of the cult work “Naruto”. The events of Ultimate Ninja Blazing, as it is hard to guess, take place in this universe and offer gamers to take part in exciting adventures and fight a lot of dangerous opponents together with the familiar characters.

Form battles and take into account the excellent combat system of the game, which will allow you to create incredible combinations of attacks and test them on your opponents. Manage a whole team of heroes and upgrade their skills in order to win victories in deadly battles. The game will please you with various game modes, where you will be able to perform different missions throughout the game and enjoy the original anime story. The game features over 100 heroes who have their own unique attacks and tactics, apply them in battle and diversify your gameplay.

Execute powerful attacks together with your allies! Up to 3x people can participate in each mission in multiplayer mode. You can relive Naruto’s adventures in story mode. Famous scenes are recreated in the game, making the battles much more spectacular.


  • Infinite Chakra

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Requirements: 4.2+

Download Ultimate Ninja Blazing 2.28.0 APK [Mod] – (81.2 Mb)

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