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UC Browser is a fast and convenient browser known as Squirrel, great for browsing the web, blogs and media. Redness is the sister of talent and speed is the sister of this browser. Fast and convenient UC Browser will become your indispensable everyday assistant. Adaptive content, ad blocking, fast loading, security, anonymity and much more in your pocket! Whether it’s a simple news page or you’re about to forget yourself while watching your favorite shows for five hours – this browser can handle any load.


UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure

UC Browser review

Squirrel Browser is a real catch for people with limited traffic, as it is quite sparing in the consumption of cherished megabytes. Do not overpay for internet, use the right browser!

The high speed of the browser is made possible by compressing pages using proxy servers and some important optimization settings. UC Browser adapts to different types of networks, users can customize the program to their requirements, so that the speed of page loading can be doubled as a result. It supports the “View Later” function, which caches images, videos, and text for later offline viewing. A special fast mode automatically selects the most appropriate version of web pages for your device, depending on the type of network you are using. The browser supports the function of automatic text adjustment to the width of the screen – the text will always fit on the screen, no matter how much you zoom in on the page for easy reading. For comfortable reading in the evening, there is a special night mode: the background changes to black and the font to white. UC Browser supports themes that can be downloaded from a local store.

UC Browser has deep integration with Facebook – it supports continuous reading of the pages of this social network, you can also upload photos to Facebook and save them to your mobile device. The developers have a list of web applications (including those with HTML5 support) that can be found in the Web Application Center and connected to your browser. By the way, the browser has its own QR code scanner, which many users like to use. An SDK is also offered to develop your own applications.

The latest developments of the popular browser include support for hardware acceleration (especially for high-performance mobile devices), high speed of launching the program from the desktop, as well as a redesigned and more convenient download menu. If you would like to share your suggestions with the developers, you can easily do so using the “Feedback” function in the program’s tools.

Features of UC Browser:

  • Nice interface;
  • Fast loading;
  • Variety of categories of videos and movies;
  • Gentle mode for traffic;
  • Blocks all ads;
  • Facebook acceleration;
  • Night theme;
  • Synchronization with any devices;
  • Incognito mode.

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  • No restrictions
  • A little changed graphics and translation
  • Removed pictures (Day / Night)
  • Removed images (Private mode)
  • Added additional ad blocker
  • Added additional search engines
  • Added option Under Screen / Zoom
  • Support for downloading from YouTube
  • Splash is removed (My video)
  • Increased the number of lines in the text entry window
  • Folders are made in one (except one)
  • Increased number of clipboard characters
  • Increased number of clipboard cells
  • No tab restrictions
  • Changed mobile User Agent
  • Splash removed
  • Removed self-appearing icons of third-party sites on the express panel
  • Removed autorun when loading phone
  • When the browser is running, not a single service hangs in the background, except when files are being downloaded
  • When exiting does not hang in the cache and active processes
  • Removed advertising banners in the menu and on the home page
  • Support left only for English / Russian language


  • UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private Screenshot
  • UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private Screenshot
  • UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private Screenshot
  • UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private Screenshot
  • UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private Screenshot


Requirements: 4.0+

Download UC Browser – Fast Download Private APK [Mod] – (59.9 Mb)

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