Twitterrific 5.4.2 MacOS [Full]

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Twitterrific is the most friendly, powerful and modern client for Twitter. Twitterrific makes Twitter fun.

Twitterrific – Easy to use, True support for multiple accounts / multiple windows, Quick and easy to view messages, messages and favorites, Time synchronization of reading position on all platforms via iCloud, System-wide alerts for mentions and direct messages via Notification Center, Fully accessible via VoiceOver, Quick access to Emoji when creating new tweets, Auto-fill user names and hashtags when editing tweets, View saved searches and lists of Twitter and much more.

Whats new:

Added a new light theme, improved media handling, syncing of reading position and fixed several bugs dealing with quoted tweets with media.


  • Added a bright new light theme: Egret


  • Adjusted the size of media popovers
  • Improved reading position syncing
  • When quoting or replying, the preview now includes a media thumbnail for tweets that have an attachment
  • Added support for tearing off popovers even when they are opened from another popover (such as discussion threads)
  • Updated the theme customization readme file stored in iCloud Drive


  • Fixed an issue displaying and opening media for quoted tweets when the parent tweet also had media
  • Fixed a bug that caused large photos to be scaled down when viewed in the popover or when saved or copied
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the compose view to be incorrectly sized when quoting or replying

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Requirements: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit

(20.3 Mb)

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