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I decided to write a review of this software, I will immediately say that the company Tweak Software has started cooperation with ShotGunSoftware and now this program immediately warns that you will receive RV + SG, for the second I can’t say anything so confused already, but about this Tool a couple of phrases I will say.

Tweak Software RV

Tweak Software RV

So, RV is a functional program for reproducing, as well as checking and further collaborating on projects with advanced technologies that will help both individual artists and teams and entire studios to analyze the resolution capabilities of digital video data without error. The application is suitable for television, people involved in shooting films, creating animation. RV is already proving to have great new capabilities. During extensive beta testing, was developed a custom GLSL shader to display any out-of-gamut pixels when converting images between different color spaces. Since I am far from all this, it is difficult for me to write in more detail, the information on the Internet I dug out is not enough.

The installation process is not fast, the main program is put in the beginning, then this ShotGun, then we go to the installation folder and from there to the BIN folder and then we launch the rv.exe file, the startup message says that the offices are now cooperating and you will get 2- В-1, in general, somehow, who can normally complement the review, write in the comments, correct it.


  • PLAYBACK of mixed resolutions, formats, and framerates. (DPX, OpenEXR, H.264, and many more). Review in context on the desktop and in the theater.
  • COLLABORATE with annotation and synchronized remote review.
  • COMPARE shots with wipes, A/B, tiled contact sheets.
  • INTEGRATE with scriptable interface, remote control over the network, rich command line, and deep web integration.
  • CONVERT and transcode frames, movies, and audio formats.

RV for Desktop and Dailies Playback
RV is the next generation image and sequence viewer for VFX and animation artists. RV is high-performance, hardware accelerated, and pipeline-friendly. It adapts to your workflow, runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, and integrates with key tools like Nuke, Maya, Shotgun, Deadline, and Qube!

RV-SDI for the Screening Room
RV-SDI matches the flexibility of RV’s dailies sessions with full quality SDI output. RV-SDI supports dual stream output for stereo playback, embeds audio in the SDI signal, and takes advantage of RV’s flexible tools for review, editing, collaboration, annotation, and comparison of media.

RVIO Transcoding for the Renderfarm
RVIO is a standalone, command-line, image and audio pipeline tool that shares RV’s core technology. RVIO can make dailies or client reviews with custom slates and meta-data burn-in, ingest plates, and output film ready final frames. It can color correct, composite, conform, and convert, and it can run on your renderfarm or use the graphics card on your workstation.

RVX for Development of GPU Accelerated Nodes/Shaders
RVX is a special version of RV that enables users to program test, and publish GPU accelerated image processing operations to use in RV, RVIO, and RV-SDI.

Screening Room: Shotgun/RV Powered Review
Tweak and Shotgun Software have teamed up to re-think review for CG studios. Revolver provides digital studios with an all-in-one review toolset. It combines production tracking and review, making it easy for teams in any location to view their latest work in context of the cut, browse and compare iterations, annotate on images, write notes, and collaborate on work in real-time.

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