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TriSun WinExt Pro is a program with which you can free a significant amount of memory on your computer. Moreover, the utility supports not only hard drives but also removable media: disks, flash cards. The main and, perhaps, the only function of the program is to remove duplicate files. There are copies of files on almost every computer. And if there is enough data on your PC, you can’t “see” the copies. The TriSun WinExt Pro application can do it in just a few seconds. The advantage of the software is the presence of Russification, so that even a novice user can understand the interface. After quick installation and launch of the software, you will see a small window with a minimum number of items in the menu. We are interested in the column to the right. Here we specify the type or several file types among which we need to search for duplicates. Then click on the “Search” button. As for the additional settings, if you are not satisfied with the trivial choice of file format, we strongly recommend to deal with the settings. Here you can specify both the approximate data size and their name. Speaking of settings, it is worth noting one important fact – you can specify parameters not only for those files, duplicates of which should be deleted, but also for the data whose copies should be skipped. For example, if you want to clear any copies except for “doc” documents, you can set this format as an exception. Similar actions can be performed by specifying the size of the documents to be skipped, their name, etc. It is convenient that the user does not even need to specify specific formats. For example, if you don’t want your video copies to be deleted, just don’t put a tab against the video. It’s the same “history” with audio and other files. TriSun WinExt Pro program can brag of its speed. Even if your hard drive is full of one or more gigabytes of copies, the utility will detect them in one or two minutes at most. Naturally, all duplicates can be removed using the software – you don’t need to do such operations manually. Automatic deletion is customizable (optionally, only search is possible, without deleting). If you decide to download TriSun WinExt Pro, pay attention to the previous search for duplicates – they are in the “Recent” tab. Here is the full list of what the program has been working with lately.

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