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Tower is a powerful and elegant Git client. Today, version control systems play a very important role in software development. One of such systems is Git, which today has gained great popularity among developers. Now Git is using such well-known projects, such as the Linux kernel, Perl, Debian, jQuery, and Ruby on Rails.



With the release of Tower, users have gained a powerful, desktop Git client that makes using Git even easier and more efficient. Its elegant and intuitive interface, as well as its powerful feature set, allow users to take full advantage of the full potential of Git. No matter you are a beginner or an expert, Tower is a useful and powerful application for everyone.


Repository Management

Tower will help you keep track of your vaults. You can group them into folders, see how many local changes there are, or if you are out of sync with remote repositories.

Commit history

Tower offers two different ways to view the history of commits: “Recent Commits” – a brief overview of the most recent actions in the repository; “Lists” is a classic tabular view: just select a commit from the list to see all the important information. Integrated view of differences allows you to quickly understand what has changed.

Work with statuses

The Status view will quickly show you which files you changed — and how you changed them. Use the unique Git concept of “Staging Area” to choose what should get into the commit and what doesn’t. With Tower, you can easily restore previous versions of files, as well as resolve any merge conflicts that occurred.

File change history

By selecting “Browse” you can view the files and their contents. Select a file and click the File History button to view the change history of the selected file, or use the Blame view to view the line-by-line file changes.

Work with branches, tags and remote repositories

Branching is an important feature of Git. Therefore, working with branches in the Tower is very easy – just drag and drop! It doesn’t matter if you want to merge two branches, extract data from remote repositories, or create a new branch based on an existing one.

Git-svn support

Tower has built-in support for git-svn, which provides convenient interaction with subversion repositories.


Tower has built-in support for submodules. Sub-modules allow you to contain external Git repositories as subdirectories of your repository.

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