Tor Browser 13.0.15

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Tor Browser is a set of software that allows, without going into technical details, to quickly and easily use the anonymous networks of the Tor project. Tor technology itself is based on the use of so-called “virtual tunnels” that link PCs all over the planet.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser review

Tor Browser includes a number of utilities, necessary for its work (among them are Tor itself, and a graphical shell Vidalia), and besides, a portable version of Firefox, tuned for using these networks (with already installed the Torbutton addon, HTTPS Everywhere extension, giving the possibility to use HTTPS protocol on visited sites and NoScript script blocker). Tor Browser download Russian version of the free browser for all popular operating systems Windows.

By installing this program, you can increase the anonymity of your presence in the Internet to the maximum – your IP-address will now be “light”, and received and transmitted by your PC traffic will be encrypted, eliminating the possibility of interception and analysis at the provider level. Browser Tor download in Russian, today the best closed browser for free use.

What tasks can TOR?

  • With its help, you can visit sites that are blocked at the state level, the provider or the system administrator;
  • TOR can work through a proxy (!);
  • it is possible to let the traffic of all your instant messengers through this network – ICQ, Jabber, Mailru-agent, etc., even if they are blocked at your workplace;
  • change your IP-address will allow you to download any number of files from a file-sharing site, even if it sets limits on a single IP-address;
  • the program prohibits unauthorized persons from browsing sites you visit;
  • Cookies are deleted after the browser is closed;
  • TOR does not need to be installed. Therefore, you do not need to worry about being banned from installing the software by the system administrator.

The program has several language localizations, from our website you can download the Russian version of Tor Browser absolutely free.

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License: FreeWare

Download Tor Browser 13.0.15 – (100.1 Mb)

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