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Topaz Sharpen AI is a very powerful and unique in its kind software, which is necessary to work with image sharpening. Other graphic editors are also capable of performing this process, but they will do it with less quality, because this product is fully specialized in this technology.

With the functionality of this utility, users will be able to maximize the quality and speed of image sharpening, making its appearance more vivid, and the structure is deep.

Additionally, there are special tools that allow you to get rid of a variety of defects that are present on the surface of the photo. Also, users will be able to remove the blurring of the image here, making it clearer and of higher quality.

Advantages of the editor:

  • A wide range of tools;
  • Removing noise and blur;
  • High quality work;

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Works for AI.
Sharpen AI has been trained with millions of images so that it can learn the characteristics of detail against noise – and then improve only the details. In some cases he can even restore the details of an image.

Seamless integration
Works everywhere you edit your photos now. Use Sharpen AI as standalone software or as a plugin for Topaz Studio / Photoshop / Lightroom Classic.

Constantly improving
Thanks to continuous AI training, the Sharpen AI improvement model becomes faster and better over time. You will get the latest and best results when the model is improved.

Three types of sharpness for a perfect photo
There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you’re taking the perfect picture, rushing home, opening it on your computer… and you realize that it’s 100% blurry. When this happens, it’s usually caused by one of three problems: camera shake, problems with focusing, or general softness. Sharpen AI includes a separate module to handle each of them.

Stabilisation: natural shake reduction
Even the toughest hands won’t match a tripod when it comes to image clarity. Unlike a tripod, you always have your hands! Sharpen AI’s “Stabilize” module has been trained to reverse motion blur and take pictures of your hands the same way they were taken off a tripod.

Focus: Best Focus Correction
Focus correction is a commonly known complex problem that can easily be mistaken, but the Sharpen AI Focus module does an excellent job of correcting up to ten pixels of focus blur. It is ideal for sharpening eyes out of focus or correct problems caused by wrong focus in the camera. Tip: Use selective settings for best results!

Sharpness: The overall sharpness of the input
Even with no motion blur or focusing problems, images usually leave the camera softly. Sharpen AI includes the Sharpen module, which specializes in correcting small amounts of overall softness without any artifacts or halos. It is the most natural tool for sharpening that you have ever used.

The perfect time to make images tack-sharp.
The need for sharpening is universal: most images come out a little soft straight out of the camera. Here’s just a handful of using cases in which we’ve seen exceptional results with Sharpen AI.

Animal Photography
You can pose people, but it’s much harder to ask animals to stay still! Use Sharpen AI’s Stabilize module to correct camera shake and the inevitable motion blur you get from fast-moving subjects. It’s also difficult to focus perfectly in these situations, so the Focus module will also be very useful. This applies to any photos with fast-moving subjects – not just animals! Adjust the slider to the left to see the difference at 100%, or click for a larger before/after.

Hand-held Landscapes
No matter how fast you set your shutter speed, you can’t shoot handheld landscapes as sharp as if you had a tripod. You don’t always have a tripod with you, though. Sometimes you don’t even have the luxury of using a fast shutter speed. Sharpen AI’s Stabilize module helps you get handheld images that look like they were taken from a tripod. This model was trained specifically to counteract motion blur caused by camera shake and can produce some pretty exceptional results in your photos.

Portrait Photography
Getting sharp portraits is essential. Using controlled lighting and tripods in a studio setting is a good way to do that, but you’re not always in a studio. Use Sharpen AI when the otherwise perfect portrait has slightly out-of-focus eyes or camera shake.

And the new approach to sharpening.
We believe that better technology enables you to produce better art. The photos that thousands of other photographers have created with AI technology have been astounding, and we can’t wait to see what you create. Here’s how it works.

What does sharpness look like? (Training)
The first step of the machine learning process is to teach the software what sharpness is. We do this by feeding millions of blurred/sharp image pairs into the software and asking it to learn the characteristics of what makes an image sharp.

How to achieve this sharpness? (Learning)
Just like computers perform math and complex operations faster than humans, they can also learn much faster for very specific tasks. Sharpen AI soon understands how sharp images generally become blurred, and therefore how to reverse the process.

How do we sharpen images faster? (Optimization)
Sharpen AI performs millions of operations per pixel, so a significant amount of work is done to speed it up. This whole process continues even after the product’s release: you’ll likely see new updates with sharpening model improvements as the software learns more.

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