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Topaz Sharpen AI

Topaz Sharpen AI review

Topaz Sharpen AI is a very powerful and unique in its kind software, which is necessary to work with image sharpening. Other graphic editors are also capable of performing this process, but they will do it with less quality, because this product is fully specialized in this technology.

With the functionality of this utility, users will be able to maximize the quality and speed of image sharpening, making its appearance more vivid, and the structure is deep.

Additionally, there are special tools that allow you to get rid of a variety of defects that are present on the surface of the photo. Also, users will be able to remove the blurring of the image here, making it clearer and of higher quality.

Advantages of the editor:

  • A wide range of tools;
  • Removing noise and blur;
  • High quality work;

You can download a torrent version of Topaz Sharpen AI directly from us by following the download link located on this page.

Whats new


  • New improved “Select” models
  • “Select” options (except custom) are now preserved when using Actions, Smart Objects, or Last Filter in Photoshop
  • The standard model and each blur type will each keep track of their manually set parameters independently
  • The manual model selector will once again show models that require a file to be downloaded in italics
  • A dialog will appear on startup and upon changing AI Processor to download all model files needed to run all your models, if applicable. This dialog can also be opened via the Help menu
  • External Editor instances will now merge with each other
  • JPEG quality slider now goes from 1-100 and is 1:1 with the actual quality level (previously the 1-10 slider would be mapped onto 25-95)
  • When downloading models Just In Time, the progress bar will hide when opening up a dialog, and re-open when the dialog closes
  • Using right click in mask mode will perform the opposite action to the selected one (add vs subtract)


  • Fixed errors coming from certain folders not existing
  • Fixed processing errors causing a loop if auto update preview is on in comparison view
  • Fixed manual update preview button being disabled in mask mode
  • Fixed issue causing plugin mode to sometimes ask about installing plugin files on startup
  • Fixed scrolling to change masking parameters not working
  • Fixed issues with comparison view frames potentially not having a model selected
  • Fixed external editor not displaying a warning when opening invalid file types, such as PSD files

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Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

Download Topaz Sharpen AI 4.1.0 – (3.9 Gb)

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  1. tomislav

    Hi, I’ve tried to install Topaz Sharpen AI 2.0.5. But at the lunch, are needed User name and password. Of course I’ve pressed on file reg.reg.
    Can someone help me?


    1. Luka

      I might be a little late but edit the reg.reg using notepad++ and check if the folder in which topaz sharpen AI is placed is written correctly

      1. Luka

        For example for me it was “[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Topaz Labs\Topaz Sharpen AI\appMain]” But the folder i had it installed was called “Topaz Labs LLC” So i changed it into “[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Sharpen AI\appMain]”

  2. Gill Andrews

    Mine is written as you say, but still requires user name and password

  3. Gill Andrews

    My install is correct as per Luka, but still asks for username & password , tried rebooting.
    Got me baffled.

  4. Ripper

    Hey Gill, have you stored the new .reg and clicked again? Works perfect for me, can’t complain.

    1. GIllA

      Thank you, perfect

  5. joe

    Still not working, say tial mode…

  6. qqq

    patiently waiting for JPEG to RAW AI

  7. Siegfried

    3.3.0 Reg File does not work. Please check it.

    1. KoLomPC author

      Read the readme.txt file carefully

  8. Erik Alpizar Rojas

    3.3.0 Reg File does not work. Please check it.

  9. G Ropper

    Reg file is not working. When installed, the program stays in trial modus.

  10. Ahmed Sharaf

    Hi dears
    I install Denoise sharpen ai 4.0.2 and it doesn’t activated. it works as trail version.. any one help please

  11. M.A.L

    Crack works perfectly on my PC.

    Just follow the readme.txt file.
    Disconnect the internet first!
    and follow the rest.

    Thank you!!!!!!

    1. M.A.L

      OK so when you enable the Internet connection back on, it goes back to TRIAL.
      So what I did was, create a RULE in your Firewall OUTBOUND, to disable all outgoing connections from this App and it works without problems. But you now have to manually mask the area on your pics to apply the sharpening. AI doesn’t automatically select your subjects.