TidyTabs Professional 1.21.0

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TidyTabs Professional

TidyTabs Professional review

TidyTabs Pro is a very small, but extremely useful and indispensable utility, which is designed to make the user’s work as comfortable, convenient and pleasant as possible. This digital product is designed to facilitate switching between applications and open folders, and it will be especially useful for those who have to open several versions of software simultaneously.

In simple terms, small tabs will now be used instead of the usual operating system working windows. These elements are almost identical to the structure of the Internet browser, so this innovation will be very familiar to users.

All tabs will automatically move to the open and active application, and when switching to other software, the panels will also move. This will reduce unnecessary time during work, because all the necessary tools will actually be at your fingertips.

Program features:

  • Ability to quickly configure the application;
  • Maximum convenient tabs;
  • Fast switching between applications;
  • No degradation of the device performance;

You can download TidyTabs Pro on this page by simply clicking on the special link leading to the download of the utility’s installation file.

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Download TidyTabs Professional 1.21.0 – (15.6 Mb)

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