ThunderSoft DRM Protection 4.9

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DRM Protection – this program will allow you to protect files related to video, audio, images using the DRV method. It is worth noting that any media files of different formats that you have protected with this method will not be able to be illegally copied or distributed over the Internet, users who have not been previously authorized, can not open them and further work with them.

ThunderSoft DRM Protection

DRM Protection review

There is a special authorization key, there are many ways to use it, one of which requires you to bind it to the end user’s equipment, and only on it you can run your file, you can specify the number of devices to one key, you can specify the time interval that a person can use this file, there is a special blacklist function.

On this page Download DRM Protection with the key for free the latest version can be found below in the news, the program has the ability to superimpose watermarks on top of your file and you will get other advanced settings that will help you protect your selected file via DRM.

At the output you will be able to get a file that will be in GEM format, this is a special media format that is protected by DRM and uses a special level of encryption, this format will allow you to keep all your files as safe as possible, because you can only open it through GemPlayer, no other media player is able to work with this file format, even if you have it installed, you still need to have an authorization key to unlock this file.

Key Features:

  • The user may allow merging several files into one protected file via this method.
  • All your media files can be encrypted using the AES algorithm, which is recognized by many professionals as one of the safest.
  • The encryption process itself will come at high speed, the file that you will get as a result can be opened quickly.
  • In the settings you can allow you to bind the authorization key to a personal computer, portable drive, any portable device.
  • The presence of a tool responsible for the watermark, means that you can, so to speak, mark your media file, the watermark itself can be both floating and fixed.
  • There is a setting called “Anti-Copy”, which allows you to add problems to the user who wants to write your file through the desktop with a special tool, as well as you will not be able to play it when connected to the Internet.
  • Data that will be protected through the DRM method can be configured so that it contains the advertising links you need.
  • Password Maker” tool – allows you to create unique passwords for different users, there will be no replays.
  • You can allow the use of any player when working with files, but you will receive a file with your company’s advertisements.

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Download ThunderSoft DRM Protection 4.9 – (43.7 Mb)

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