MAGIX ACID Pro / Pro Suite

Sony Acid Pro is a program that belongs to the professional, used to record audio and edit sound. MAGIX ACID Pro review As soon as the application was created, its main focus was to create music based on certain loops. But it is worth noting that apart from this, the utility still has plenty of


MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio is a very powerful and multifunctional audio editor, which can easily replace any professional music studio. In its functionality this digital product does not differ at all from the leaders of this category, but the program is completely free and does not require purchase. Audio Studio review With the help

MAGIX Video Pro X14

MAGIX Video Pro is an audio and video editor for professionals, but amateurs can also handle it. The editor is based on the use of separate modules for individual aspects of editing. You can download the program on this page for free. MAGIX Video Pro review In the program you can add mail files from

MAGIX Fastcut Plus Edition Crack

MAGIX Fastcut is a program for editing and editing video. With its help, you can now customize video sequences to the rhythm of a melody, experiment with transitions, special effects and create your own movies and clips of any complexity. MAGIX Fastcut Plus Edition review The application also allows you to work with video material

MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.140 Crack review

SpectraLayers Pro is a unique program that allows you to edit audio files. After starting and loading the track will analyze the data on the multi-dimensional spectral display, then it will lay down the file, and do it – using a large set of intelligent tools, then you can process each layer regardless of the

MAGIX Game Control Crack review

MAGIX Game Control is the ideal tool for successful gamers. It provides everything you need to maximize your gaming experience, from benchmarking and monitoring to performance enhancement and screen capture tools.   Features: Control, improve, and share your gaming performance. Increase the speed of your computer and track important performance indicators on your HUD or

MAGIX Photostory Easy

MAGIX Photostory is a professional editor for creating video clips based on photos and video files. The knowledge to use this editor is kept to a minimum, anyone can understand it through an intuitive interface. Contains many editing and editing features, various effects and workpieces. MAGIX Photostory Easy review After the first launch, you will