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R-Wipe & Clean 20.0.2406

A new version of a sufficiently effective tool for freeing up space on the hard drive has been released, due to its cleaning, you can also maintain the confidentiality of important information, in full news you are invited to download R-Wipe & Clean as always. After starting this program, it will help to permanently get

PDF Shaper Premium / Professional 13.3 + Portable

PDF Shaper Professional is a versatile software tool designed to work with text files that have the extension – PDF. Unlike standard applications of this category, this editor can even work with encrypted components, protecting files from the actions of unauthorized users. PDF Shaper review For example, if you need to hide any text file,

Ant Download Manager Pro

Ant Download Manager is an excellent downloader for a wide variety of file types that you will enjoy on your device. Now you don’t have to worry about the fact that there is a need to constantly download movies one by one. Ant Download Manager Pro review With such software, all downloads can be finished


n-Track Studio Suite

n-Track Studio is a program from the developer Flavio Antonioli, which essentially transforms an ordinary computer into a full-scale recording studio. If you need to download the utility in a couple of clicks for free, you can do it on this site. n-Track Studio Suite review With this application, you will be able to create

IDimager Photo Supreme 2023.1.2.4883

If you have a lot of photos on your computer and you need to sort them all out in order to be able to move around comfortably, this program may be useful as it is a good cataloguer, you can download Photo Supreme below. After you start, you need to select a folder to import,

Abelssoft HackCheck 2023 5.02.47369

Abelssoft HackCheck is an account security monitoring tool that finds hacker attacks and alerts the user about them. It is known that online account data is vulnerable to cybercriminals, which is why this program was created. HackCheck review Its purpose is to prevent data theft because it detects attacks right away when they are not

Abelssoft ScreenVideo 2023 6.03.47307

ScreenVideo is an easy-to-use program designed to record video and audio, allowing you to capture the entire screen or just a part of it and create different videos based on it. Whatever you want to use this software for, you will get simple tools for recording audio and video. Abelssoft ScreenVideo review The installation process

Steelray Project Analyzer

Steelray Project Analyzer is a tool that will be appreciated by all administrators who have strategically important and long-term projects under their control. The program allows you to competently and qualitatively analyze all the information collected from reports and schedules recorded in your computer. Steelray Project Analyzer review After the analysis of a particular project,

BackUp Maker Professional 8.201

BackUp Maker Professional is a versatile software product that provides a convenient and automatic way to back up your data. It supports single-device operation and also allows you to back up using USB sticks, external HDD/SSD, network devices and FTP. BackUp Maker review Working with important documentation or projects? Backing them up is important! The

Comodo Dragon 111.0.5563.148

Comodo Dragon review In front of you is a browser that is also built on the Chromium project, I think you know alternatives such as Chrome, SRWare and others. So, this program has a number of advantages over the older brothers, the most important thing to write is increased security and confidentiality of user data,