Survivalist: invasion PRO 0.0.564 APK [Mod]

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Survivalist: invasion PRO

Survivalist: invasion PRO review

Survivalist: invasionPRO – in the game the developers have thought over almost every detail. There are a lot of different characters and quests in the game that you will have to perform, and all of them are aimed to make you live at any cost. There are several factions in the game that I can’t divide up, and between them there is a constant strife and quarrels. You are on a large island with a huge number of mysteries and riddles: Nazis, American spies, special units of different countries and much more.
Players will find themselves on a ridge of islands unknown to mankind, which due to its unique properties are analogous to the mythical Bermuda Triangle. The main character in search of this mysterious place, finds it, but finds himself trapped. It is necessary to adapt, day after day to save your life in the most dangerous conditions, to equip the base, to explore the area in search of supplies and answers, as well as to work out a plan of successful evacuation from this piece of land in the direction of civilization.

Survivalist: invasion PRO is a high quality survival simulator with a top view.

The plot of the game tells about the main character, who went to study the archipelago lost in the ocean. You need to help him in exploring new areas, discovering mysteries and saving the world from a deadly threat.

Players will be able to visit the tropical islands, where the main goal will be survival and data collection. You will learn that there is an organization engaged in illegal human experimentation and will have to stop it with all means possible. The gameplay turned out to be standard for survival games, that is: you need to move around the island in search of resources, craft weapons, equipment, equip the base and take part in battles with a variety of creatures, including modified monsters.

You also have to receive and perform various quests, gradually improve weapons, armor and make your character more powerful. Get ready for a huge set of puzzles, unexpected plot twists and discoveries that can turn all your knowledge upside down.


After starting the game, press the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:

  • Endless money;
  • Endless resuscitators;
  • Freeze changes in health, thirst, hunger and radiation.

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How to Download and use the APK file to install Survivalist: invasion PRO

  1. Go to the security settings of the gadget.
  2. Check the box to enable the system to install mobile utilities from unknown sources.
  3. Download Survivalist: invasion PRO from the link below
  4. Open the download folder in the File manager and find the distribution you are installing there.
  5. Next, run the installation procedure, and everything else the system will do automatically.


Survivalist: invasion PRO
Survivalist: invasion PRO
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Requirements: 4.4+

Download Survivalist: invasion PRO 0.0.564 APK [Mod] – (405.9 Mb)

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